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Mandate 1008

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Administration of drugs; remote practice by dental hygienists
Purpose of legislation
Authorizes a dental hygienist practicing under remote supervision to administer topical oral anesthetics, topical and directly applied antimicrobial agents for treatment of periodontal pocket lesions, and any other Schedule VI topical drug approved by the Board of Dentistry. Under current law, a dental hygienist must be practicing under general supervision to do so. Additionally, the bill authorizes a physician assistant, nurse, or dental hygienist to possess and administer topical fluoride varnish pursuant to an oral or written order or a standing protocol. Under current law, such possession and administration is limited to administration to children aged six months to three years and is required to conform to standards adopted by the Department of Health.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 431 (2019)
VAC chapters to be amended
18 vac 60 - 25 : Regulations Governing the Practice of Dental Hygienists
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 5332: Administration of Schedule VI fluorides; remote supervision
Latest Stage: no stages yet
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