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9/23/20  9:32 pm
Commenter: Jennie L Waering

Please protect Virginia's workers

Dear Virginia Legislators,'

Do you remember how it felt like when your colleague from Lunenburg failed to tell you and his other fellow legislators that he had tested positive for COVID 19?  What if your employer made you come back to work without taking the precautions required in the Temporary Act after co-workers tested positive?  What do you trade off to risk infection? What if you are the breadwinner for your family and you cannot afford to be fired?  What if your elderly and immunocompromised mother lives in your home and you were concerned  about taking the virus home to her?  What if you have a child with asthma and her doctor told you, the parent, that you must take extreme precautions against her acquiring the virus?  This is NOT a burden on the employer issue.  This is NOT a money issue.  This is a life and death issue for some employees and their families- it could be for you, for your spouse, for your son or your daughter.  These are extraordinary times.  We don't know when those times will go away.  More than 200,000 United States Citizens have died from this virus.  Please think with your heart when you vote on this issue.  Please think of your mandate as a legislator to work FOR THE PEOPLE.  Please don't let your people down.  Let your vote be on the side of morality.  Remember you are commanded to care for "the least of these." 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Jennie Waering

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