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Guidance Document Change: Consistent with the established position of the NASW, the Board considers “conversion therapy” or “sexual orientation change efforts” to be services that have the potential to be a danger to clients, especially minors. Thus, under regulations governing practitioners licensed or registered by the Board, practicing conversion therapy/sexual orientation change efforts with minors could result in a finding of misconduct and disciplinary action against the licensee or registrant.
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5/14/19  3:21 pm
Commenter: Heather Euler

Conversion Therapy: An Archaic Practice. Shall We Go Back to Burning Wirches at the Stake?

When a social worker receives their liscesure from a state board, that board should have the right to rebuke whatever practices have time and time again proven to be to the detriment of the very patients they aim to serve.  The argument that a guidance measure will take away the rights of the religious parent to make decisions for their children is absurd.  The right to speak about orientation and chastity to religious counsel is still preserved as religious counsel does not obtain liscensure from the state board Department of Health Professionals.  Furthermore, this is not a forum regarding a legislative “ban” but one regarding regulations for the disciplinary actions of health professionals.  That seems to be lost on commenters.  Please use these guidance measures to deter liscensed professionals from engaging in such an archaic, harmful practice as conversion therapy.

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