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9/24/20  3:41 pm
Commenter: Anonymous


I am against the permanent use of restrictions for COVID 19. No other country has done this and the virus is being eradicated. Our numbers are the lowest they have ever been and research is continuing to show that our bodies fight this virus the same way they fight all other viruses. If we were not aware of the novelty of this one, our bodies would be reacting the same way. 

There are countless other viruses that do not require for us to be restricted, out of work, forced to wear masks, etc. Those same viruses are deadly to the elderly and those with co-morbidities. 

Also, the CDC published data stating that the masks were of no use to our countrymen in the West fighting wild fires. The smoke particles are larger than that of SARS2. So, if the mask doesn't work for those large particles, it is not effective for the miniscule ones of COVID 19, either. 


Thank you for your hard work. Let's do what is best for our state and country. 

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