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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [REPEALED] [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]
Action Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities
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3/15/13  3:22 pm
Commenter: Sharon Barnum


The comments I have been reading which strongly oppose regulating abortion clinics appall me.  I continually hear the call to keep abortion "safe and legal."  Do abortion proponents really have so little consideration for the health of the women suffering through this procedure?  Is it not already stripping the dignity of a woman to endure such a procedure, let alone endure it under such third-world conditions?  If we are indeed acting in the best health interests of our citizens, should not the state regulatory agency do as much as possible to protect the life of the patient?  

We should be better than this, in this age of highly advanced medical knowledge.  We should offer the young women of the state of Virginia something better than abortion.  Until the time that more of our citizens have an moment of awakening, that this "tissue" that has somehow begun to mysteriously grow inside their body and has at some point turned into a human being, has actually been breathed into her by the breath of God, we must act in a way that shows compassion and love toward the woman who is carrying that precious life, and offer her dignity and a chance for a strong and healthy life.

My prediction is that this commentary will be met with vitriol, which is based in a fear that some group of people will take away the "right" to an abortion.  PLEASE READ the negative comments which follow, and question them on the basis of a deeper sense of morality, upon which ALL of our laws are based.  See if you find any logical argument FOR resisting stricter regulations of abortion clinics.  I have not read a single one which provides any logical reasoning in acting on behalf of the patient.  They are all based on a knee-jerk reaction out of fear of this precious "right" to take a life.  I declare that if we do not care for the health and safety of our fellow citizens, by enacting and enforcing stricter health and safety regulations at abortion clinics, then we are not doing the job that we are called on to do as citizens of a free, prosperous, and scientifically advanced society.


I strongly urge you to vote to strengthen regulations of the health and safety standards of abortion clinics.


Sharon Barnum






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