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2/6/13  1:24 pm
Commenter: Maria Fahlsing

My Body, My Choice, and My Rights: Keep Your Politics Off of Me!

My health is of the utmost importance to me, for without it, I will surely die.  What I do to maintain and promote my health is entirely my business.  Your personal politics, whether they are in agreement or disagreement with my own, are completely irrelevant.  Each and every person, female or male, over the age of majority has the right to make decisions (or mistakes) on their own of their own volition.  So, why would their health decisions be any less their own to make?

Forcing women to have mandatory, invasive intrauterine ultrasounds, view sonogram images, go through counseling, be denied birth control pills (which are used for myriad purposes, by the way!), or have any other Christian Left agenda pressed onto them goes against the basic tenet upon which this country was founded:  freedom of religion.  This means that all Americans are free to practice whichever religion they choose so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others to practice or not practice their own religion or beliefs as they see fit.  Therefore, any forcing of Christian beliefs upon another person is tantamount to religious persecution and smacks of The Spanish Inquisition and The Crusades.

Until all women are treated equally to men, allowed to make and execute their own decisions without unnecessary and unwanted interference from others, religiously motivated or otherwise, then women are not truly free.  This inequality is unforgiveable, unconscionable, and impossible to maintain.  Women do not, will not, and can not stand for this.  We will rise up.  We will stand up for our sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, friends, etc. and fight until we stand on equal footing with men and our gender/sex/sexuality is not held against us.

We will rise!

Suppress women's rights at your peril, for those acts will be considered a declaration of gender war.

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