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Practice of dry needling
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red dot In Progress!     Opened on 5/27/2019 and closes at 11:59pm on 7/26/2019

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Strongly Oppose Dry Needling by PTs Karisa Grudi, Towson Acupuncture Associates  7/23/19  6:36 pm
Against du needle by PTs Serge L.  7/23/19  6:23 pm
Dry needling is one type of acupuncture.Opposition to Dry needling without acupuncture license. Stanley Zhang L,Ac  7/23/19  6:20 pm
Against Dry needles Jane Huang  7/23/19  6:18 pm
Dry needle is Acupuncture! JIE CHEN  7/23/19  6:13 pm
100% against PTs to use dry needle !!! Nina J.  7/23/19  6:09 pm
If I use a rolling pin to massage a muscle, am I baker? Dr. Jane Kim, DPT  7/23/19  6:02 pm
Against dry needle May Hsia  7/23/19  6:00 pm
In favor of dry needling performed by physical therapists David Brewster  7/23/19  5:56 pm
Needling including ‘dry needling ‘should be handled by a license acupuncturist, not PT! Lili He  7/23/19  5:49 pm
Against drying Daohe Fang Eastern acupuncture center  7/23/19  5:33 pm
I'm firmly against dry needling Lina Hu  7/23/19  5:26 pm
I support dry needling by PT’s Andrea Bayne  7/23/19  5:13 pm
In support of PT needling practice Dan Pearlston  7/23/19  5:12 pm
We need the best provider with Acupuncture lessons. The dry needling is only one part of Acupuncture Kayla Savoy, Wholelife Acupuncture  7/23/19  5:06 pm
Only the providers with acupuncture license can practice acupuncture, including dry needling. Quansheng Lu, Wholelife Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Center  7/23/19  4:58 pm
Opposing dry needling in Virginia Karen Harmony acupuncture  7/23/19  4:57 pm
100% FOR PTs to perform Dry Needling Stephanie Hood  7/23/19  4:42 pm
PTs should be allowed to dry needle. Erin Holt  7/23/19  4:16 pm
Dry needling support PT use Rebecca Goodman  7/23/19  4:12 pm
PT's should do dry needling with the right training! Noelle Ekonomou, One 2 One physical therapy  7/23/19  4:07 pm
Dry needling is Acupuncture, you CAN NOT practice unless you have Valid Acupuncture License. Kevin  7/23/19  3:23 pm
dry needling Jeanette Templeton  7/23/19  3:20 pm
I am in full support of dry needling. Keith Holt  7/23/19  3:06 pm
I strongly support the use of Dry Needling by Physical Therapists. Lowell Chaney  7/23/19  3:00 pm
Dry needling is acupuncture. Jackson Chau ?AACOM  7/23/19  2:52 pm
Dry Needling Training for PT's woefully inadequate. Dr. Amy Lewis, D.Ac., Dipl. Ac., President, Acupuncture Society of DC  7/23/19  2:50 pm
Dry Needling by PT in state of Va Kelli Orr LPTA, AASC  7/23/19  2:35 pm
Dry Needeling by a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of Virginia Miana Bonds, LPTA Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens  7/23/19  2:28 pm
OPPOSE to PT Dry Needling Aiden C.  7/23/19  1:31 pm
Acupuncture/dry needle should only be administered by an License Acupuncturist. Lei Zhang LAc  7/23/19  1:18 pm
Dry needle/ Dry needle for PT Frank Zhao, Miracle Acupuncture PC  7/23/19  12:58 pm
Pro Dry Needling for PT's Justin Graf, SDPT, University of Lynchburg  7/23/19  12:53 pm
Oppose to dry needling by PT? Total care acupuncture clinic  7/23/19  12:24 pm
Strongly Against dry needles ACME Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic  7/23/19  11:55 am
Oppose PT use dry needles Xiaoying xu  7/23/19  11:42 am
Dry Needling is an contemporary style of Acupuncture Guanyuan JIN  7/23/19  11:30 am
Oppose PTs without enough traing to do Dry Needling Hong Lin, Bethesda-Hong Lin's Acupuncture Clinic  7/23/19  11:24 am
SAY NO to PT practicing Dry Needle without NCCAOM certificate Hong Su  7/23/19  11:20 am
Against strongly. PT should have a acupuncture license in order to practice DN Jian Shu  7/23/19  11:11 am
PTwho are practicing dry needles isn’t safe to the public health. They don’t have enough training Acupuncture & Herbal Center Inc  7/23/19  10:50 am
In favor of dry needling Jordan Giles  7/23/19  10:36 am
No Dry Needle for PTs Yue Yang  7/23/19  10:21 am
Can't we just all get along? Let the PT dry needle!!!! :) Chartreuse Rogers  7/23/19  10:08 am
Absolutely in favor of dry needling by PT Lyndall Hoback  7/23/19  10:04 am
Against Dry Needling - Public Safety Issue + Ineffective   The practice of utilizing acupuncture sty Fei Liu  7/23/19  9:50 am
PTs should be able to dry needle! Jordan Watts  7/23/19  9:46 am
Dry needling Deborah Oickle PT  7/23/19  9:28 am
Yes! PTs should be able to! Raelyn Johnson  7/23/19  9:25 am
In favor of PTs dry needling Samantha Chalker, Virginia Commonwealth University  7/23/19  9:19 am
Yes Kathy Barton  7/23/19  9:16 am
Totally in support of Dry needling by a PT Kim Guinee, PT,COMT  7/23/19  9:09 am
YES to PTs performing dry needling Nadia Wahid  7/23/19  8:59 am
I support dry needling in the physical therapy practice Justin Geisler  7/23/19  8:31 am
In Support of Dry Needling for PTs Anna Wilson  7/23/19  8:19 am
Dry Needling Marcee Beilstein  7/23/19  8:01 am
Dry needling Jacqui Gooden, Rehab Associates of Central VA  7/23/19  7:53 am
Yes for dry needling for PT Daniel Lee  7/23/19  7:07 am
Yes to Dry Needling as skilled practice Jesse Patton Rehab Associates  7/23/19  5:19 am
Against PT using dry needle Hunghung Ho  7/23/19  1:20 am
Against PT do dry needles Ning Xi Fu  7/23/19  12:45 am
Dry needling is acupuncture Guorong Du  7/23/19  12:10 am
Oppose Dry Needling Dr. Gretchen E. Seitz  7/22/19  11:43 pm
“Dry needling” Jessica Sylvanson, Acupuncture Association of Colorado  7/22/19  11:40 pm
Would you let your veterinarian do your root canal? Brigitte Fox, AcuWorks Inc  7/22/19  11:34 pm
Yes to Dry Needling! Kirsten Thompson  7/22/19  11:32 pm
Opposing PT practice Dry Needling Yue Wang, LAP, Florida Acupuncture Association  7/22/19  11:31 pm
I urge you to institute best practices and 3rd party examination, increase in didactic hours Amy E. Mager, ASM, ASA  7/22/19  11:29 pm
allowing PTs to dry needle Grace Murphy, DPT  7/22/19  11:23 pm
allowing PTs to dry needling Grace Murphy, DPT  7/22/19  11:23 pm
Dry Needling Dr. Heidi A. Lane  7/22/19  11:20 pm
Please create Best Practices for the practice of dry needlingI Amy Mager DACM, Lic.Ac.  7/22/19  11:10 pm
PT should NOT do dry needle because they steal the reputation of acupuncture Zhaohui, Liang, York University  7/22/19  11:04 pm
Opposite practice dry needling by PTs Haihe Tian  7/22/19  10:57 pm
Oppose to perform dry needling by Physical Therapist without acupuncture license Dongcheng Li  7/22/19  10:42 pm
Don’t agree PT do dry needles. Songping Wang  7/22/19  10:28 pm
Oppose dry needling by physical therapist Physical Grant Zhang  7/22/19  10:20 pm
Do not agree PT do dry needling because they don’t get enough training about points and everything. Aiqiu Zhao  7/22/19  10:18 pm
Opposed to dry needling being performed by Physical Therapists with current Physical Therapy trainin Hongjian He  7/22/19  10:10 pm
Physical Therapists have greater anatomical knowledge than PA’s, NP’s, Acupuncturists, and most GP’s Jason Pelletier, DPT  7/22/19  9:47 pm
Dry needle is party of acupuncture, They don’t know much knowledge of meridians it’s not fare to th Dan Han  7/22/19  9:37 pm
Against Dry Needling - Public Safety Issue + Ineffective Yan Dong  7/22/19  9:36 pm
Dry needling by PTs Jim Cribbs  7/22/19  9:32 pm
I am very much in support of Dry Needling by PTs Keonte’ Dennis  7/22/19  9:21 pm
I strongly support dry needling by DPT’s. Mary Stewart Pierson  7/22/19  9:13 pm
In support of dry needling Danielle Mortorano  7/22/19  9:01 pm
Dry Needling is an appropriate modality for Physical Therapy practice Sandra Conran, Bodies in Motion Physical Therapy  7/22/19  8:55 pm
Dry needle user should go to school and get license just like acupuncturist H Sun L.Ac  7/22/19  8:54 pm
Dry needling is NOT ACUPUNCTURE Meirong Wang  7/22/19  8:40 pm
Acupuncturist Meirong Wang, Nova Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic  7/22/19  8:38 pm
I support DN by a PT Jacqueline O'Neil, SPT  7/22/19  8:31 pm
In favor of dry needling Jennifer Atkinson, patient of dry needling  7/22/19  8:30 pm
I support PT dry needling Caitlin Henning  7/22/19  8:15 pm
Strongly against dry needling by PT Jianchao zhang  7/22/19  8:13 pm
Dry needling is acupuncture, No PTs practice. Opp.! TC herbs and Health  7/22/19  8:11 pm
FDN Spectrum Medical, Inc  7/22/19  8:07 pm
Dry needling by qualified PT's GAYLE KEITH  7/22/19  7:49 pm
Support of Therapeutic Dry Needling Jaymee Cruz  7/22/19  7:46 pm
Trigger Point Dry Needling a Physical Therapy Treatment to treat patients in pain. Dr. Ashish Kakar PT, DPT, CMTPT  7/22/19  7:44 pm
The American Medical Association Opposes Dry Needling by PTs and so should you! Nicholas Zimet  7/22/19  7:43 pm
No to dry needling Joseph Judt, private citizen  7/22/19  7:39 pm
Continue dry needling Debi Stepien  7/22/19  7:29 pm
For DN in PT practice Katie Garland, PT, DPT, PT Solutions  7/22/19  7:28 pm
Opposition to dry needling without acupuncture licenses Heming Zhu, Maryland University of Integrative Health  7/22/19  7:19 pm
Opp. PT perform dry needle without enough training Sheng Wang  7/22/19  7:10 pm
Oppose the dry needle Howard Yu  7/22/19  7:05 pm
anyone do dry needling need acupuncture! Robert Lee  7/22/19  6:50 pm
In favor of dry needling Karli Gerwig  7/22/19  6:50 pm
Against Dry Needling - Public Safety Issue + Ineffective Jia Yu  7/22/19  6:49 pm
Dry Needling is NOT Acupuncture Jordon Moore, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT  7/22/19  6:40 pm
PT do Dry needling still Owe 700 hours Class Training, and need passed NCCAOM Examination Jason Xin, Chinese Medicine of Australia Inc.  7/22/19  6:40 pm
Acupuncture and dry needlmg have different concepts with dry needling an established ortho technique Comet Mekonen PT DPT OCS  7/22/19  6:28 pm
Dry Needling is not utilized like acupuncture. Dry needling is a technique utilized to address pain Comet Mekonen  7/22/19  6:23 pm
supporting dry needling as a patient! Hae-Ok Davenport, patient  7/22/19  6:15 pm
Dry Needling Sue Vaughn PT  7/22/19  6:14 pm
Against proposed regulation, plz become a L.Ac first if you want to penetrate the skin with a needle Louis Jin  7/22/19  5:55 pm
Stop dry needle practice in the US! All Natural Medicine Clinic  7/22/19  5:52 pm
Support for DN by PTs with proper training Kerry - Advance Rehab  7/22/19  5:52 pm
Against PT practice the unprofessional acupuncture-Dry needling! Li P Bartlett  7/22/19  5:45 pm
Support Dry Needling by trained Physical Therapists Kerri Kramer Webb, Fast Track Sports Medicine & Peformance Center  7/22/19  5:34 pm
In support of PTs using Dry needling. Daniel Beale  7/22/19  5:33 pm
In support of DPTs use of dry needling Darren Beilstein, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT  7/22/19  5:15 pm
In Favor of Dry Needling by Physical Therapist Francine Noel-Ford, Back to Basics Family Physical Therapy  7/22/19  5:05 pm
SUPPORT dry needling by PTs Kara Prato, PT, DPT, CIDN  7/22/19  5:03 pm
I support PT practice of dry needling Emily Salsberry, SPT  7/22/19  4:57 pm
Dry needling Estefania Zuluaga Garcia  7/22/19  4:52 pm
agree with the proposed regulation Elsie Adler Patient  7/22/19  4:51 pm
Dry Needling for Physical Therapy JoAnne Horne  7/22/19  4:50 pm
For dry needling performed by physical therapists Arash Zirakzadeh, INOVA  7/22/19  4:49 pm
agree with the proposed regulation Robert Adler Patient  7/22/19  4:45 pm
Enough medical background does not mean enough training to practice acupuncture Yuna janvier  7/22/19  4:37 pm
I am in favor of physical therapists implementing dry needling. Victoria Appler, Shenandoah University Physical Therapy Student  7/22/19  4:36 pm
Support for Dry Needling by Physical Therapists Allison Simons, PT, DPT  7/22/19  4:29 pm
Highly recommend dry needling therapy Greg Stoner  7/22/19  4:23 pm
DN Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation  7/22/19  4:22 pm
In favor of dry needling / intramuscular stimulation Laura Baldwin  7/22/19  4:20 pm
Supporting Dry Needlin by PT Dianne Bullach  7/22/19  4:17 pm
In favor of Physical Therapist Dry Needling Barrie Perrottino  7/22/19  4:00 pm
In Support of Dry Needling by Physical Therapists Krysia Angle, DPT  7/22/19  3:59 pm
In favor of PT Dry Needling Mallory Moore, PT, DPT  7/22/19  3:36 pm
Opposition to Dry Needling done by PT Vivian from VUIM  7/22/19  3:35 pm
Dry Needling by PT Sharon Simmons  7/22/19  3:24 pm
In Support of Dry Needling Regulations Jerry Pumphrey, PT, DPT Progress Rehabilitation Network  7/22/19  3:12 pm
In favor of PT dry needling Julie Fuentes  7/22/19  3:06 pm
I Support Dry Needling by PT's Edward D Syrett, PT, DPT, OCS  7/22/19  3:05 pm
Support Dry Needling by Physical Therapists Matthew Barnes, Owner, Optimal Motion  7/22/19  3:01 pm
Stop Dry needles Deren Zhang  7/22/19  2:52 pm
Patient supporting dry needling! Thomas Fitzpatrick  7/22/19  2:51 pm
In Support of PTs using Dry Needling Lance Kimble DPT, OCS, Astym Cert.  7/22/19  2:47 pm
Dry Needling within scope of practice of PT Diane T. Stroud, PT  7/22/19  2:45 pm
Dry Needling Support Danny Lehnert PT, DPT, OCS  7/22/19  2:33 pm
Strongly Oppose "Dry" Needling Dr. Gloria Osorio, DAOM, L.Ac. / FullCircle Acupuncture HealthCentre  7/22/19  2:26 pm
PT do Dry needling still Owe 700 hours Class Training, and need passed NCCAOM Examination Yan Fan  7/22/19  2:26 pm
Dry Needling is an effective form of treatment performed by Physical Therapist Kevin M Cope PT  7/22/19  2:25 pm
Dry needling safe and effective Kimberly Tyborowski  7/22/19  2:18 pm
Dry needling is part of a PTs scope of practice. Jeff Farnsworth  7/22/19  2:13 pm
It is dangerous for PT using dry needles. Zhisheng Sun  7/22/19  2:10 pm
In favor of Dry Needling Ghazaleh Joukar, PT, DPT  7/22/19  2:07 pm
Support for Dry Needling by trained Physical Therapists Sheri Finocchiaro, PT, CMT  7/22/19  1:50 pm
In Favor of PTs Dry Needling Dr. Paul Ellington, DPT OCS  7/22/19  1:44 pm
Support Dry Needling by PT Brian Rouse  7/22/19  1:43 pm
support for dry needling in the state of virginia C. Yoos  7/22/19  1:38 pm
Dry Needling is a skill like any other that is learned, it's not accupuncture, and PTs can do it! Heidi Straz, PT, DPT, CMTPT  7/22/19  1:23 pm
Board Certified PT in Strong Support of DN by PTs Kaitlin Dodi-Monk PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA  7/22/19  1:19 pm
Fundamental difference Victoria Patterson, PT, DPT  7/22/19  1:11 pm
Dry needling sure is one kind of acupuncture. If you know history,you will definitely understand it! Wei Qin  7/22/19  1:11 pm
Practice of Dry Needling Vickie Webb /Previous patient of dry needling  7/22/19  1:02 pm
Dry Needling Michelle Tinlsey, Rehab Associates of Central Virginia  7/22/19  1:00 pm
In support of PTs performing dry needling Samantha Chou, PT  7/22/19  12:55 pm
I support the use of dry needling by doctors of physical therapy Travis Stoner, PT, DPT owner Fusion Physiotherapy Associates, LLC  7/22/19  12:49 pm
I support dry needling performed by trained PTs Cortney Herndon, DPT  7/22/19  12:43 pm
Opposition to dry needling without acupuncture licenses Yong Ming Li, HAC  7/22/19  12:28 pm
Support of Physical Therapists Performing Dry Needling Heather Carr, One 2 One Physical Therapy  7/22/19  12:20 pm
opposition to Dry Needling as proposed Ash Goddard, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine  7/22/19  12:05 pm
Dry needling is basically a simplied version of Acupuncture, not within scope of PT Chris Liu, VUIM  7/22/19  12:02 pm
I am against dry needles! Pinghe Liou  7/22/19  12:01 pm
Dry needling regulations are appropriate Dr. Michael Richardson, Rehab Associates  7/22/19  11:56 am
I oppose dry needling Dry needling is the invading the Acupuncture field stolen techniques. Weidong Li  7/22/19  11:53 am
Acupuncturists & PTs Aiden C.  7/22/19  11:48 am
I support dry needling Drew Petrucci, SPT  7/22/19  11:46 am
I do not support dry needle Yuna Janvier  7/22/19  11:41 am
Tissue Dry Needling Matt Garber, US Army  7/22/19  11:38 am
In support of dry needling performed by Physical Therapists Jeff Landy, PT, DPT, CMTPT  7/22/19  11:36 am
Support for Dry Needling as part of PT practice Meghan Stone  7/22/19  11:35 am
Support Dry Needling for Physical Therapist Bonnie M Black, TIB Connecting  7/22/19  11:32 am
Support dry needling by appropriately trained DPT's. Dr. Beth Rini Scott, PT, DPT  7/22/19  11:25 am
Dry Needling Melissa Jennings, PT, Winchester Orthopaedic Associates  7/22/19  11:25 am
Support for Physical Therapists to practice Dry Needling Azita Nejaddehghan, Student in Shenandoah University's DPT Program  7/22/19  11:22 am
In support of dry needling Michele Wiley  7/22/19  11:19 am
in Support of Physical Therapists utilizing Trigger Point Dry Needling Eric Magrum  7/22/19  11:17 am
PT support fo DN Casey Miller, Phoenix Physical Therapy  7/22/19  11:15 am
Dry needling is within scope of physical therapy and I support dry needling by physical therapists Lisa O’Regan, Centra  7/22/19  11:11 am
Support of DN Kim Holt/Roanoke Rehab and Wellness  7/22/19  11:03 am
Physical Therapist's use of Dry Needling Sydney Sawyer, PT  7/22/19  11:03 am
I am in Support of Trigger Point Dry Needling for Physical Therapists Benjamin Igwe, Inova Health System  7/22/19  10:51 am
PTA SUPPORT for Dry needling Zachery Lutz, Rehab Associates of Central Virginia  7/22/19  10:46 am
Dry Needling Melissa Wolff-Burke  7/22/19  10:32 am
Trigger Point Dry Needling Regulation Makenzie Mazin, Valens Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, LLC  7/22/19  10:29 am
I support physical therapists doing dry needling Jill S Boissonnault  7/22/19  10:28 am
I support Physical Therapist practice of dry needling Dr. Ed Schrank, Shenandoah University  7/22/19  10:23 am
Dry Needling falls within PT Scope of Practice Natalie Kryza, DPT  7/22/19  10:17 am
Trigger Point Dry Needling is in the scope of practice of Physical Therapists Katherine Maloney, SPT  7/22/19  10:12 am
Support regulations for dry needling Kristen Hicks, Orthopedic Physical Therapy  7/22/19  8:03 am
Support Dry Needling By Physical Therapists Thomas Bohanon  7/22/19  7:34 am
PT's are well qualified to perform dry needling with present model of training. Bill Whiteford PT, DPT  7/21/19  11:45 pm
If dry needling is not acupuncture, spaghetti is not pasta! Yarong Baker  7/21/19  11:44 pm
If dry neele Yarong Baker  7/21/19  10:39 pm
I oppose dry needling for Physical Therapists. Jasmine Cunanan  7/21/19  10:07 pm
Dry needling need more training Xiaoyan Wang  7/21/19  9:46 pm
Against dry bc I have seen the negative outcome first hand Laura Bertoncini AP  7/21/19  7:56 pm
Dry needing is Acupuncture! part two Harry Zou. ANIAS  7/21/19  4:56 pm
Dry needing is Acupuncture! part one Harry Zou. ANIAS  7/21/19  4:50 pm
Reflections and regulations Charles Steadman  7/21/19  3:55 pm
Dry needling should be done by acupuncturists only Warren Schuteker  7/21/19  3:22 pm
Opposing PT dry needling Aiden C.  7/21/19  2:53 pm
Stop Dry Needling now! Joanie Stewart, LAc  7/21/19  2:43 pm
Dry Needling Perspective Don Thompson  7/21/19  2:41 pm
Dry Needling - a Public Safety issue! Mona Yuan  7/21/19  1:29 pm
Dry Needling - a Public Saftey issue! Mona Yuan  7/21/19  12:58 pm
Practice of Dry needling Andrew Jackson Tatom III  7/21/19  9:57 am
Oppose dry needling Dong Lim Kim  7/21/19  7:12 am
18VAC 112-20-121 Shujuan Zhang  7/21/19  1:45 am
PT Can not do acupunture. Because Not enough training time? PING XIE  7/21/19  1:08 am
PT Can not do acupunture. Because Not enough training time? PING XIE  7/21/19  1:07 am
Oppose PTs doing dry needling without Acupuncture license! Because dry needling is Acupuncture. Yongping Chen, CAUA  7/21/19  12:39 am
Harmful Risky Use or Dry Needling Sara Brown  7/20/19  7:46 pm
Opposing Dry-needling Dr Hanna Schmittat, ND, LAc, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM)  7/20/19  4:53 pm
PT wants to do acupuncture, but not wants to pay it's training, not wants to follow it's regulation. Wunian Chen  7/20/19  4:31 pm
Acupuncture and dry needling should only be performed by fully trained acupuncturists. Jennifer Dabu  7/20/19  2:29 pm
substandard training in Dry Needling Andy Liningter  7/20/19  1:13 pm
Oppose dry needling Jody Forman, MSW, L.Ac.  7/20/19  10:29 am
Dry Needling is Acupuncture Lisa Price  7/20/19  7:29 am
No dry needling Michelle Meng  7/19/19  11:12 pm
Opposed Dry Needling Cecilia Ramirez  7/19/19  10:32 pm
Problems with Dry Needling Legisation DON E WETSEL  7/19/19  10:09 pm
Opposing Dry Needling Rodger Zeng  7/19/19  10:02 pm
Dry needling Amelia Harris  7/19/19  7:03 pm
Dry needling is not different than Acupuncture Willard Sheppy  7/19/19  6:51 pm
Stop copying acupuncture. Soo Ouk Kim L.Ac.  7/19/19  6:18 pm
No "dry needling" by uneducated and untrained individuals/PT:s, DC;s and so on... Biorient Integrative Clinic/dr Csoka  7/19/19  6:04 pm
Opposition to Dry Needling Dr. Jayne Dabu  7/19/19  5:51 pm
Dry Needling is Acupuncture, not for PT’s Evan Marcus, Five Actions Oriental Medicine LLC  7/19/19  5:41 pm
Dry needling is Sports Acupuncture Esther Moux LAc  7/19/19  4:58 pm
Please stop dry needling! Ashley will  7/19/19  4:37 pm
In favor of Dry Needling for PT's in Virginia. Christopher J. Pilong  7/19/19  2:48 pm
In favor of Dry Needling Janie Schneider  7/19/19  12:03 pm
In favor of PTs utilizing TDN Dr. Amanda Miller, PT, DPT, WCS Progress PT - Midlothian  7/19/19  9:54 am
In favor of PTs using TDN Haven A Lineberry  7/19/19  7:44 am
oppose PT practice dry needling Jennifer Ke  7/19/19  7:18 am
In favor Jake Tanner, PT, DPT  7/19/19  7:02 am
Dry needing is Trigger point Acupuncture.7 states prohibit physical therapists from practicing it Yu Yu,  7/19/19  12:31 am
Stop Dry Needle!!! Alexander Liu, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Healing Center  7/18/19  11:24 pm
Dry Needling is Acupuncture. Education requirement is needed! (part III) Arthur Yin Fan  7/18/19  10:56 pm
Dry Needling is Acupuncture. Education requirement is needed! (part I) Arthur Yin Fan  7/18/19  10:53 pm
Dry Needling is Acupuncture. Education requirement is needed! (part II) Arthur Yin Fan  7/18/19  10:48 pm
Dry needling is not accupuncture! Nichole Muzina, MPT, OCS  7/18/19  5:44 pm
Dry Needling Regulations Appropriate Brian Britt  7/18/19  5:40 pm
L.A.c Yan Fan  7/18/19  5:37 pm
L.A.c Yan Fan  7/18/19  4:46 pm
Regulations Appropriate for PT Tyler France  7/18/19  4:33 pm
TDN Regulations Appropriate for PT Erik Lineberry  7/18/19  3:18 pm
The proposed dry needling regulations are appropriate. Brice Bhalla  7/18/19  3:17 pm
Dry Needling Regulations are Appropriate Michael Gowen  7/18/19  3:15 pm
Dry Needling regulations are appropriate Joshua Bailey  7/18/19  2:51 pm
By Law, anyone use acupuncture needle without Acupuncture License is illegal practice, please stop Li Sparks  7/18/19  2:44 pm
No Dry Needle use for PT. It’s part of Acupuncture with Professional training! Rui Liu, Jing Ming Health Center  7/18/19  12:39 pm
No Dry Needle use for PT. It’s part of Acupuncture with Professional training! Rui Liu?Jing Ming Health Center  7/18/19  12:38 pm
No license no practice acupuncture/dry needle Sam Huang, AACMA  7/18/19  3:19 am
Only licensed acupuncturist can do dry needling-acupuncture. PT can get extra education and passed t Zhiwei Xu  7/18/19  3:06 am
Dry needling is acupuncture Jenny Ou, AACMA  7/18/19  2:26 am
I strongly oppose dry needling by PT’s with no LAc license & require TCM trainings. Maung W Maung PhD  7/18/19  2:14 am
Opposition to Dry Needling by PT Don Chiu, AACMA  7/18/19  2:14 am
Oppose PT use Dry Needling. Don Chiu, AAVMA  7/18/19  1:58 am
oppose dry needling by PT May Zhong, AACMA  7/18/19  1:44 am
FDA law, it's illegal to use acupuncture needle, a medical device, without an acupuncture license. Wen Zhou Zhong, AACMA  7/18/19  1:15 am
PT want to do acupuncture but no license so they change the name to dry needle. Hua Shu Shen, AACMA, AAPAS  7/18/19  12:24 am
Dry needles originate form acupuncture, which is the undisputed fact Jun Hu, AACMA  7/17/19  11:19 pm
Dry needle is belongs to Acupuncture Dong, Edward  7/17/19  10:27 pm
Over 3000 years ago dry needling was invented. Aishi Needling is the true classical name. Joe Calabria, Calabria Acupuncture  7/17/19  10:10 pm
Dry Needling is Not Acupuncture - they BOTH work in different ways. BBirchett, health patient  7/17/19  9:37 pm
Safety issue is very important to professional health service ! No dry needling for PT! Bolin QIN  7/17/19  6:47 pm
Dry needling lack adequate training Peter SU  7/17/19  5:58 pm
I oppose dry needling, with only few weekends of training to practice. Wan Qing Zhang  7/17/19  5:38 pm
Post dry needle Jenna Betterson  7/17/19  5:13 pm
Nay to dry needling by PT’s Lan Ma  7/17/19  3:41 pm
Dry needle Dan Dommell  7/17/19  2:44 pm
Dry needling is acupuncture Zuobiao Yuan  7/17/19  2:09 pm
Against dry needling for PT Zhendong Che.  7/17/19  1:33 pm
Appropriate training should be specified in the regulations Elaine Wolf Komarow  7/17/19  1:19 pm
Against PT for dry needling practice Binghui Guan  7/17/19  1:02 pm
No dry needling for PT Ying Lin  7/17/19  12:54 pm
Opposition to dry needling Chin-Hwa Huang  7/17/19  12:53 pm
I oppose the practice of performing dry needling, it should be performed by trained people Amy May Fua  7/17/19  12:52 pm
Strong against PT Dry needles Jean Haedrich  7/17/19  12:47 pm
Opposition to Dry Needling Ruth Downey  7/17/19  12:44 pm
Object PT. Use dry needles Hwan chang  7/17/19  12:41 pm
If preform dry needle without studying acupuncture will cause some problems to the patient, Gang Shi  7/17/19  12:32 pm
Dry needling is a part of acupuncture Joe, MacEwan University  7/17/19  12:11 pm
Stop PT to do Dry needling, one kind of Acupuncture Yiming Lin, Lilburn Acupuncture Wellness Center  7/17/19  12:04 pm
Stop PT use Acupuncture “dry needle” Kevin lu LAc CH  7/17/19  11:50 am
Dangerous for dry needling Jiliang Xiao  7/17/19  11:41 am
Dry needles is Acupuncture Xue Li  7/17/19  11:36 am
Dry needling can only be done by licensed acupuncturists. Lavena Chen  7/17/19  11:20 am
Must not delete the statement “clearly statement:dry needle is not acupuncture “ Yawye ltd  7/17/19  11:15 am
Dry needling is not physical therapy professional practice scope CHRITINA RIENTS  7/17/19  11:07 am
Oppose of Dry Needling Practice by PT, Dry Needling is part of Acupuncture Jianqin He  7/17/19  10:34 am
Dry needling is Acupuncture. PT need get training for Acupuncture if they want to do dry needling. Jianfeng Zheng  7/17/19  10:16 am
Dry needling should never be allowed to practice by phototherapist The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture  7/17/19  9:56 am
Needling must be performed by licensed Acupuncture Rong Wu, strongly against dry needling by PT  7/17/19  9:50 am
Dry IS Acupuncture Toni Rittenberg  7/17/19  9:46 am
dry needling by PT Keyvan Shahverdi  7/17/19  9:37 am
We against dry needling. libiao jiao  7/17/19  9:29 am
We strongly against dry needling Yam zhang  7/17/19  9:21 am
Against dry needling done by PT Xiong Chang  7/17/19  8:40 am
Please include educational standards for PT dry needling Victoria J Taylor, Lic Ac,  7/17/19  7:17 am
Strong Opposition to Dry Needling done by PT Bup Lee  7/17/19  12:27 am
Opposition to Dry Needling done by PT Keith Loop, Dr. of Oriental Medicine; The Healing Loop  7/16/19  9:53 pm
Oppose PTs to perform Dry Needling. Rozita Rouzbeh, DAc, Staywell Acupuncture  7/16/19  9:32 pm
Dangerous dry needling Behnam Goudarzi, MD, FCCP, Pulmonologist  7/16/19  9:30 pm
Opposed to Regulations for PT Dry Needling/Please Veto!!!!! Rebecca Reynolds A-A-Acupuncture & Wellness  7/16/19  7:56 pm
Oppose PT learning Dry Needling Evan Marcus  7/16/19  7:30 pm
In favor Bryan Esherick, DPT  7/11/19  1:11 pm
Support for new proposed training requirements for dry needling Bruce Linnell  7/10/19  11:06 am
Concerns over dry needling for Physical Therapists Alexandra Watkins  7/6/19  11:10 am
PT's Training for Dry Needling Katie Clifton  7/5/19  1:51 pm
For PT's dry needling with sufficient training Dr. Beth Scott, PT, DPT  6/27/19  10:22 pm
For dry needling Brittany A  6/21/19  4:41 pm
In support of physical therapists performing dry needling Doug Erickson  6/19/19  9:14 am
Oppositon to PT perfom dry needling Nada Acupuncture  6/18/19  6:01 pm
Opposition to dry needling by PTs Kim Nguyen  6/18/19  8:17 am

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