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[Repealed] Regulations Governing Dental Practice [18 VAC 60 ‑ 20]
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5/8/12  9:52 pm
Commenter: Denice Burnette EFDA, CDA DAII

Understanding EFDA/DAII

I have read the comments that others have left. I wanted it to be clear that Expanded Function Dental Assistant are not your general dental assistant. There is alot of schooling and trainings to be come an Expanded Function Dental Assistant DAII.  In which all of this is new to Virginia. If you look at other states, some EFDA/DAII are licensed to do extraction, yes I said that right, some states allow there EFDA/DAII to finish RCT.  I just want everyone to understand that there's a lot of schooling and trainning that comes with being a EFDA/DAII. We as EFDA/DAII we are taught the Anatomic Features of the ALL teeth, contour, all your line angles, cavity wall, cavosurface angle, pulp capping and so on. A EFDA/DAII and a Dental hygienist are not the same it's too  different license. A person can finish high school and go straight to hygiene school and became a hygienst in 2 yrs, but a person can't finish high school and go straight to EFDA/DAII school you have to become a  Dental Assistant first and then you go back to college to be come a EFDA/DAII. If we looked back 10yrs ago and said about hygienist giving anesthesia people would have thought you where crazy but they have been doing that for years in other states. It's like a dentist said at a CE course why shouldnt they, nurses give shots every day, and he is right it's the same thing.  I would like for everyone to see/know whats all involved in EFDA/DAII. The highspeed handpiece isn't used on tooth surface just filling part only!!! As a EFDA/DAII I am licensed to place and finish fillings but I cann't clean/scale your teeth, but a hygienst can clean/scale your teeth but they aren't licensed to do fillings. That's because it's to different license. I hope this helped some people who maybe didn't understand the EFDA/DAII and all that's involved. For anyone who is thinking about going back to school to get your EFDA/DAII I hope this has helped you . I love being a EFDA/DAII been doing it for over 16 yrs. I love having a patient come in that has broken down teeth and wont smile and being able to restore their teeth back and seeing  them smile when they look at their new tooth/teeth .That makes my day.  Thank you all and have a Blessed week.