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Showing: 41 periodic reviews for the Commonwealth Transportation Board.
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Latest Periodic Review
VAC Chapter Title Date Filed Decision Next Review Date
24 VAC 30-11 Public Participation Guidelines
24 VAC 30-17 Solicitation and Use of VDOT Buildings and Grounds for Nonwork Purposes 3/30/2000 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-21 General Rules and Regulations of the Commonwealth Transportation Board
24 VAC 30-41 Rules and Regulations Governing Relocation Assistance
24 VAC 30-50 Rules and Regulations for the Administration of Waysides and Rest Areas 5/26/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-61 Rules and Regulations Governing the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Through Bridge-Tunnel Facilities 5/26/2010 Amend
24 VAC 30-73 Access Management Regulations
24 VAC 30-91 Subdivision Street Requirements
24 VAC 30-92 Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements
24 VAC 30-100 Rules and Regulations for the Administration of Parking Lots and Environs 5/26/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-120 Rules and Regulations Controlling Outdoor Advertising and Directional and Other Signs and Notices 10/31/2000 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-121 Comprehensive Roadside Management Program Regulations
24 VAC 30-130 Rules and Regulations Governing the Prequalification and Classification of Prospective Bidders 10/1/2006 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-140 [Reserved]
24 VAC 30-151 Land Use Permit Regulations
24 VAC 30-155 Traffic Impact Analysis Regulations
24 VAC 30-160 Rules and Regulations to Comply With the Setoff Debt Collection Act 5/24/2006 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-200 Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights of Way 6/30/2001 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-210 Underground Utility Policy 8/6/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-240 Certification Procedures for the Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Business Program 9/30/2000 Amend
24 VAC 30-271 Economic Development Access Fund Policy
24 VAC 30-315 Standards for Use of Traffic Control Devices to Classify, Designate, Regulate, and Mark State Highways
24 VAC 30-325 Urban Maintenance and Construction Policy
24 VAC 30-340 Debarment or Suspension of Contractors 5/24/2006 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-380 Public Hearings for the Location and Design of Highway Projects 3/30/2000 Amend
24 VAC 30-390 Virginia Scenic Highways and Byways 5/24/2006 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-401 Change of Limited Access Control
24 VAC 30-420 Operation and Maintenance of Roads in Incorporated Towns Less than 3,500 8/6/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-430 Maintenance of Roads Crossing the Interstate System 8/6/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-451 Airport Access Fund Policy
24 VAC 30-490 Roads in the Grounds of State Institutions 5/26/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-500 Roads in the Grounds of State Parks 5/26/2010 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-530 Roadway and Structure Lighting 3/30/2001 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-540 Conveyance of Lands and Disposal of Improvements 3/30/2001 Amend
24 VAC 30-551 Integrated Directional Signing Program (IDSP) Participation Criteria
24 VAC 30-570 Procedures for Inclusion of Routes Into the Non-Interstate Qualifying Network and Virginia Access Systems 1/31/2000 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-580 Guidelines for Considering Requests for Restricting Through Trucks on Primary and Secondary Highways 1/31/2000 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-590 Policies and Procedures for Control of Residential Cut-Through Traffic 1/31/2000 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-610 List of Differentiated Speed Limits 1/31/2000 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-620 Rules, Regulations, and Rates Concerning Toll and Bridge Facilities 9/30/2001 Retain As Is
24 VAC 30-630 Persons with Disabilities Warning Signs