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Guidance Document Change: Consistent with the established position of the NASW, the Board considers “conversion therapy” or “sexual orientation change efforts” to be services that have the potential to be a danger to clients, especially minors. Thus, under regulations governing practitioners licensed or registered by the Board, practicing conversion therapy/sexual orientation change efforts with minors could result in a finding of misconduct and disciplinary action against the licensee or registrant.
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5/7/19  9:21 am
Commenter: Larry Mendoza, State Director: American Atheists


Religious based homophobia cannot replace and must not replaces sound science.  As the Virginia State Director for American Atheists AND as a step-father to a gay daughter, I oppose any and all legislation designed to destroy the pershonhood and individuality of anyone, especially when it comes to childrne.  It is hard enough for these children because they are bullied, harrased, or even worse. We need to support our children not teach them that who they are is wrong.  That will cause trauma, which in turn will cause further damage and could even trigger mental illness. It is time that we ban the barbaric practice of conversion therapy which has shown to be detrimental and harmful to our youth. 

If gender and sexual preference were a choice, I ask everyone, at which point did you choose to be straight and/or decide that your gender was the correct one? Because if it was indeed a choice, then it would follow that everyone who is straight and cis gendered, made a consciuos choice to be so and that means that any one could in fact be gay or transgendered, they just choose not to be. So I say this, let's stop with this religious based homophobia and let kids be kids with love and support and let's show them that they matter, that they are loved for who they are, not try to convince them that they are something they are not and bad or sinful if they just want to be themselves. That is TRAUMA and hurtful.