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7/21/18  10:09 pm
Commenter: Danielle L Greene, citizen and Virginia taxpayer

Alternative energy for Virginians

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I favor alternative energy choices for Virginians.  Solar, wind, tidal, choices! In my condo, it is not easy to engineer alternatives, as the electric company that provides our power does not favor our having a choice.  The utility we use has made it clear that "we don't have a choice but what [they] provide". It's not fair! Solar power would be easiest as we are located at the top of a hill, with no obstruction from the sun. I have tried to work with the condo board but they are happy with the way things are.  I would like for us to have a choice of energy sources. It's easiest to stick with the status quo is the message I get from the "powers that be", or the powerful utility that influences them. It's maddening!

I am glad to have this opportunity to voice my frustration with the "status quo", as a Virginian.

Danielle L Greene

Falls Church VA 22043