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Showing: 13 recently enacted state laws mandating a regulatory change for the State Board of Health.
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Health, State Board of
Title Legislation ActionID / Latest Stage
Continuing Care Retirement Communities; Admission to Nursing Home Beds Chap 433 (2013)
Implementation of Voluntary Electronic Monitoring in Nursing Home Residents' Rooms Chap 674 (2013), Chap 682 (2013)
COPN - Transfer of nursing facility beds and CCRC open admission periods Chap 515 (2013)
COPN - Amendments to Conditions of Existing Certificates Chap 460 (2013)
Hospital Stillbirth Policies Chap 661 (2015) 4499 / NOIRA
Hospital Regulations - Estimate of Payment Amount for Which Patient will be Responsible Chap 49 (2016)
Amend Disease Reporting and Control Regulations to make Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome a reportable condition Chap 280 (2017)
Amend Hospital Licensure Regulations Chap 388 (2018), Chap 565 (2018)
Amend Hospital Licensure Regulations Chap 682 (2018), Chap 271 (2018)
Posting of Poster re Human Trafficking Chap 571 (2018)
Amend Food Regulations Chap 450 (2018)
Amend Hospital Regulations–Admissions for Mental Health treatment/toxicology Chap 791 (2018)
Amend Hospital Regulations – security and ED staff; mental health training Chap 454 (2018)