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Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Designation and Management Regulations
5 guidance documents relevant to this chapter

ID Title Revision Date Date Posted
DCR-VSWCB-031 Policy on Soil and Water Conservation District Administration and Operations Funding Allocations for Fiscal Year 2018 5/23/2017  5/30/2017 
DCR-VSWCB-032 Policy and Procedures on Soil and Water Conservation District Cost-Share and Technical Assistance Funding Allocations (Fiscal Year 2018) 5/23/2017  5/30/2017 
DCR-VSWCB-033 Financial Commitments For Establishment of a New Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD/district), or Realignment of an Existing District 10/15/2003  8/2/2014 
DCR-VSWCB-037 Guidance Document on New Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Implementation 3/29/2018  4/11/2018 
DCR-VSWCB-043 Engineering Job Approval Authority Procedures 12/6/2017  1/17/2018 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.