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Department of General Services
10 guidance documents relevant to this agency
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Revision Date Date Posted
BOARD: Department of General Services
4554 DGS Tenant Handbook 6/8/2011  12/2/2013 
6170 Office of Fleet Managment Policies and Procedures Manual 1/11/2017  12/13/2017 
APSPM Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual * 7/8/2010  12/21/2010 
DGS Dir No. 15 DGS Directive No. 15 Indoor Clean Air Act 8/19/2015  5/11/2017 
DGS Directive 16 DGS Directive 16 - Banning Open Carrying of Firearms 11/13/2015  7/5/2016 
DGS Parking Policy DGS Parking Policies and Procedures for Use of Parking Facilities 6/24/2011  11/18/2011 
IBR 1VAC30-41 Documents Incorporated by Reference, 1VAC30-41 * 5/28/2013  5/28/2013 
Reg for Cap Square Regulations for Capitol Square 8/1/2007  2/6/2008 
Surplus SPO Virginia Federal Property Agency State Plan of Operation 3/24/2009  6/29/2009 
Vendors Manual Vendors Manual * 7/8/2010  11/20/2014 

* Document applies to one or more specific chapters and not to the board as a whole