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Regulations Governing Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine [18 VAC 85 ‑ 21]
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CLOSED     Ended on 5/3/2017

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VAFP Comment: Regulations Governing Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine Lindsey Vaughn, VAFP  5/3/17  3:15 pm
Already experiencing bad outcome as result of med change S. Thomas  5/3/17  10:31 am
VHHA Comment on Regulations Governing the Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (R. Brent Rawlings on behalf of)  5/3/17  9:55 am
SUBUTEX SAVED MY LIFE Brenda  5/2/17  5:23 pm
MSV Comment: Regulations Governing Prescribing of Opioids and Buprenorphine 18 VAC 85-21 Julie Galloway, Medical Society of Virginia  5/2/17  11:00 am
Board of Medicine Opioid Regulations Michael Petrizzi  4/30/17  1:16 pm
Subutex vs. Suboxone Lorraine Murphy  4/29/17  9:18 am
Wow, just wow Mindy Thomas, Gloucester Mathews Care Clinic  4/28/17  1:43 pm
Long time Subutex patient concerns Jason Nolet  4/26/17  4:22 pm
opiod rx mark meijer md  4/26/17  1:51 pm
Opioid prescription regulations Ronald L Schubert  4/26/17  12:44 pm
Opioid Recommendations - Comment Period Patrick Turner, Family Practice Specialists of Ricmond  4/26/17  12:35 pm
Buprenorphine saves lives Kyle Miles  4/26/17  4:09 am
no!!! heather redmon  4/25/17  11:03 am
Do i need to spell it out for you, why this is wrong? Alfred Stahlin, a random swede.  4/25/17  2:06 am
regulate pharmacy wholesalers Dr. Rod M. Rogge, DDS  4/24/17  4:56 pm
This makes no sense. Wesley Marin  4/24/17  6:29 am
This is a total outrage Amber  4/23/17  6:30 pm
Truth about buprenorphine diversion/risks Jeffrey T Junig MD PhD, SuboxoneTalkZone  4/23/17  1:57 pm
People need uniterupted treatment Dondee Carver  4/22/17  10:02 pm
Don't punish someone for having an allergy Brandy Patterson  4/22/17  9:37 pm
Carring About Thr Lives of Others Betty Taylor  4/22/17  8:47 pm
This will only make things worse Katie  4/22/17  2:53 am
Wrong just wrong Koreyna Patterson  4/18/17  8:27 am
Less regulations = greater chance at recovery Dustin Walker  4/17/17  12:13 am
You can't choose to help some and not other Angela DiMattina  4/16/17  11:32 am
This is going to cause thousands to relapse Dylan Quinn  4/16/17  10:15 am
Subutex Megan McKinley  4/16/17  8:24 am
Naloxone allergy...shooting up suboxone Allison Grey  4/15/17  3:14 pm
Allergies are needed to be acknowledged! Carrie Pearson  4/15/17  2:55 pm
HB2163 Susan J  4/14/17  11:57 am
Put this law on hold NOW! Sandra Goshorn  4/14/17  3:37 am
allergies exist Alison Taylor  4/14/17  1:01 am
Proof from a government website, allergies exist!!!! Carrie Pearson  4/13/17  8:45 pm
There IS A BETTER WAY Abby Coulter, MMTSA Org.  4/12/17  7:46 pm
Long time MAY patient Caitlin Laws  4/12/17  12:49 pm
I do agr Caitlin Laws  4/12/17  12:36 pm
Are you a doctor? Do you know what's best for the addict? Kristy boyce  4/11/17  11:14 pm
Please do not take subtex away due to people having allergies to Suboxone Liz  4/11/17  5:44 pm
Allow patient's with a documented allergy to continue to be prescribed Subutex. Amanda Key  4/11/17  11:59 am
HB2163 disregards SAMSHA recommendations Sharon Thomas  4/10/17  11:06 am
My son lost treatment because his doctor is scared for his life to switch him. Kelly Miles  4/9/17  11:54 pm
Please leave things as they are. Barbara Vargas  4/9/17  12:08 am
Subutex Kimberly W.  4/8/17  5:55 pm
allow naloxone allergy exception Tim W  4/8/17  4:19 pm
Buprenorphine laws. Patients with an allergic reaction have no true alternative Kyle Miles  4/8/17  3:04 pm
Not a good idea  4/8/17  12:27 pm
Reconsider exemptions for this law Andrew Marshall  4/8/17  11:03 am
Reconsider this bill Greg casey  4/8/17  10:34 am
New drug rules Paul, CT NAMA  4/8/17  9:57 am
benzodiazepines / methadone and or naltrexone CONNECTICUT NAMA  4/8/17  9:36 am
Hb2163 sb1178 Dg  4/7/17  4:34 pm
18VAC85-21-150. Treatment with buprenorphine for addiction. Hb2163 sb1178 Dg  4/7/17  4:20 pm
HB 2163 Lacey Patterson  4/7/17  3:53 pm
Treatment for Herion/MAT Chrissy Winslow  4/7/17  12:37 am
Take it back! Please. Sarah W  4/6/17  9:24 pm
New law will cost more lives! Ashley Tucker  4/6/17  7:13 pm
Allergy to Naloxone Nicole Holmes  4/6/17  6:47 pm
Hb 2163 dangerous Ashley Jones  4/6/17  9:42 am
Bup Denise  4/6/17  6:38 am
HB 2163 Lori Miller  4/5/17  11:19 pm
Subutex Michael Dowdy  4/5/17  8:01 pm
Subutex allergies Miranda  4/5/17  2:54 pm
Not Prescribing Subutex Even With Documented Allergy Nicole Shank, SWA  4/5/17  8:24 am
I have been on subutex for four to five years only thing that has worked for me I've tried dverythin Ashley Powell  4/5/17  5:49 am
Naloxone not effective Bobbi Woolum  4/5/17  2:38 am
Please do not stop any form of medication assisted treatment!!! Bobbi Woolum  4/5/17  2:27 am
Naloxone Dangerous for Some Sara Y  4/4/17  9:14 pm
HB 2163 R. Kinsey  4/4/17  7:51 pm
Ridiculous Chelsea  4/4/17  7:24 pm
Buprenorphine without naloxone should be still prescribed to individuals who have been on years Amanda P  4/4/17  7:08 pm
Bill Amanda Robertson  4/4/17  6:41 pm
Naloxone can be harmful to some! Carrie R  4/4/17  6:41 pm
Hb 2163 A concerned mother  4/4/17  5:32 pm
Hb 2163 Pamela sickal  4/4/17  5:24 pm
HB2163 Cathleen A Burns  4/4/17  11:58 am
Buprenorphine laws Jade  4/4/17  10:43 am
HB 2163, SB 1178 Dg  4/4/17  10:36 am
Buprenorphine regulations are hurting people with a documented allergy. Kyle Miles  4/4/17  9:22 am

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