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Three Waivers (ID, DD, DS) Redesign
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red dot In Progress!     Opened on 2/4/2019 and closes at 11:59pm on 4/5/2019

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Therapeutic Consultation activities (12VAC30-122-550) Gordon Walker, Fidura & Associates, Inc.  2/5/19  7:05 am
Therapeutic Consultation Hansel Union Consulting, PLLC  2/5/19  4:03 pm
RE: 12VAC30-122-200 and use of the SIS Eva-Elizabeth Chisholm  2/7/19  3:34 pm
Waiver Redesign Stephen P Grammer  2/12/19  10:40 am
12VAC30-50-490 (E) J. B. Sellers  2/12/19  4:09 pm
Telepractice Platform Roberta Hansel Union  2/19/19  3:19 pm
Licensing quarterly regulation David Meadows Chesterfield MHSS  2/22/19  1:27 pm
VAA Comments on DD Waiver Regulations Lucy Beadnell, Virginia Ability Alliance  3/7/19  10:56 am
DD waiver comment period Kathleen McLane  3/13/19  5:56 pm
Comments on Virginia DD Waivers Lisa Arlt Escoto  3/16/19  12:05 pm
Comments on Disability Waiver Redesign Jessica Bulos  3/16/19  5:05 pm
DD Waiver Regulations John Malone, Harrisonburg Rockingham CSB  3/19/19  1:55 pm
DD Waiver Regs Lynnie McCrpbie, MPNN CSB  3/19/19  2:32 pm
Concern with Regulations Lisa Snider, Loudoun County MHSADS  3/19/19  8:41 pm
Comments on Proposed DD Waiver Regulations Sara Craddock, Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services  3/20/19  9:15 am
Comments on DD-Waiver Proposed Permanent Regulations - 1 of 2 Jennifer G. Fidura, DD-WAC  3/20/19  12:02 pm
Comments on DD-Waiver Proposed Permanene Regulations - 2 of 2 Jennifer G. Fidura, DD-WAC  3/20/19  12:05 pm
Day as sole residential Unit John Humphreys-Fair Haven Residential Services  3/21/19  12:38 pm
Comment on DD Waivers Saundra Ward  3/21/19  2:57 pm
Submitted as a concerned family member and CSB Support Coordinator Supervisor. Rob Slaubaugh Harrisonburg Rockingham CSB  3/21/19  3:15 pm
Comment on DD Waiver changes Jenny Farrell, Family SHaring  3/21/19  3:22 pm
Service Authorizations Jennifer Fidura, Virginia Network of Private Providers  3/21/19  3:37 pm
DD Waiver Joanna Jones, Family Sharing  3/21/19  4:36 pm
Concern with requirement to complete Progress notes on day service provided Glenn Slack, Family Sharing  3/21/19  8:48 pm
Documentation Family Sharing  3/22/19  9:14 am
documentation Ricky Jarrett  3/22/19  9:38 am
Response Rachel Engleman family sharing inc  3/22/19  9:40 am
DD waiver Don H  3/22/19  10:03 am
DD waiver Nick S  3/22/19  10:10 am
Three Waivers (ID, DD, DS) Redesign Rick Rehberg  3/22/19  10:22 am
Support of Comments of the Virginia Ability Alliance Mary Clark  3/22/19  10:39 am
Three waiver redesign Lynne Smith, parent  3/22/19  11:00 am
Public comments from a CSB division director Adrien Monti, LCSW, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare  3/22/19  11:41 am
Support for Comments made by the Virginia Ability Alliance Barbara Mack  3/22/19  11:46 am
DD Waiver Regulations comments Sean McGinnis, Hartwood Foundation, Inc.  3/22/19  11:48 am
Comments on DD waiver regulations David W Cordell  3/22/19  12:00 pm
Developmental Disability waivers Robert and Nancy M Evinger  3/22/19  3:26 pm
Documentation Pam Ritchie Family Sharing  3/23/19  6:45 am
Documentation Jeff Ritchie Family Sharing  3/23/19  6:46 am
DD waiver regulations Karen Lowry Family Sharing  3/23/19  1:57 pm

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