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Requirement for CACREP accreditation for educational programs
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red dot In Progress!     Opened on 5/15/2017 and closes at 11:59pm on 7/14/2017

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I oppose the CACREP approved only track for training/licensing of mental health counselors Emily Tarsell,LCPC  5/28/17  11:39 pm
Vehemently opposed to CACREP-only state mandate. A'Lisa Andrade  5/28/17  5:18 pm
Opposed. Aisha Tyehimba  5/28/17  3:14 pm
I oppose Mary Ferreira, LCPC  5/28/17  2:16 pm
Opposition Xanthia Johnson  5/28/17  9:46 am
I oppose Andrea Johnson- LCPC  5/27/17  10:26 pm
I OPPOSE the CACREP MANDATE. Meghan Maggitti  5/27/17  8:52 am
Oppose CACREP-only Eugenia Kienzle  5/27/17  6:54 am
I oppose CACREP only initiative Phyllis Sloan, PhD  5/27/17  2:11 am
Against The Iniative To Make Virginia A CACREP-Only State! Marc Getz, LCPC  5/26/17  11:04 pm
I Oppose CACREP-Only Martha Kruger, Graduate Student  5/26/17  3:37 pm
Oppose making VA a CACREP-only state Patricia Dunn, NCC, LCPC  5/26/17  10:40 am
I oppse this action. Dr. Pamela Rice, The Rice Counseling Service  5/26/17  12:23 am
Strongly opposed to any state limiting professional practice to those from a single accredited progr Suzanne Brandenburg LCPC Md. Committed to Change P.C.  5/25/17  11:18 pm
I oppose this action. Christine Williams  5/25/17  10:47 pm
I oppose this action! Sultana Karim  5/25/17  9:38 pm
I oppose thus action! Sandra J Jackson  5/25/17  8:51 pm
I oppose this action! Andrea Eiblum  5/25/17  8:20 pm
Oppose this unnecessary accreditation Renee Drehmer, LCPC  5/25/17  7:35 pm
Oppose CACREP exclusivity other programs, accreditations just as valid Sharon Gudger  5/25/17  7:12 pm
Opposed to CA Kathleen Flynn LCPC, CAC-AD  5/25/17  4:55 pm
Opposed to a CACREP-only Commonwealth Sarah R. Brehm, LGPC  5/25/17  4:00 pm
opposed to CACREP limitation April Rectanus, LCPC, approved supervsior  5/25/17  3:13 pm
Oppose CACREP only! Michelle Lyon, NCC, LCPC  5/25/17  3:07 pm
Opposing CACREP only Lorraine Garcia, PhD, LCPC  5/25/17  3:04 pm
Oppose CACREP only in VA Kelly Foster, LCPC  5/25/17  2:50 pm
Oppose Legislation Elizabeth Rodrigues  5/25/17  2:46 pm
OPPOSE CACREP-only Donna Burns  5/25/17  2:34 pm
I oppose this discriminatory legislation Stacey Brown  5/25/17  2:28 pm
OPPOSED: Regulation would significantly restrict access to Mental Health professionals. Marcia Ewing, LCPC  5/25/17  2:12 pm
Opposed Michelle S LCPC, private practice  5/25/17  2:06 pm
Please do not discriminate against graduates of regionally accredited programs, (anti-trust laws). Richard Hann, LCPC in MD  5/25/17  2:05 pm
Strongly oppose! Kristin Gavigan  5/25/17  2:04 pm
Oppose Julie Andrews, LCPC  5/25/17  2:04 pm
Oppose Maureen M. Ritz  5/25/17  1:51 pm
CACREP Regulatory Action Rob Guttenberg  5/25/17  1:49 pm
I oppose the Virginia CACREP only initiative Cathy Roberts,LCPC  5/25/17  1:35 pm
strongly oppose CACREP-only Abby Levin, LCPC  5/25/17  1:32 pm
Opposed Joseph Schap, LCPC  5/25/17  1:31 pm
Opposed to CACREP-Only Jeffrey Taulbee, LCPC, Key Point Health Services  5/25/17  1:05 pm
I oppose CACREP-only initiative Cynthia K Styles, LCPC  5/25/17  1:02 pm
Strongly Oppose CACREP-only initiative Ayan Dirir, LCPC  5/25/17  12:39 pm
Opposition to CACREP Only LCreswell  5/25/17  12:33 pm
Oppose CACREP requirement for licensure Robert Cohen LCPC  5/25/17  12:25 pm
CACREP Jessica Weeg  5/25/17  12:21 pm
Most states have requirements as CACREP standards + the same National examination requirement Regina Brown  5/25/17  12:09 pm
Strongly oppose CACREP Erica Schommer  5/25/17  11:42 am
I oppose CACREP-only Megan Furman  5/25/17  11:33 am
Strongly oppose CACREP James P Goodwin, LCPC  5/25/17  11:27 am
Strongly opposed to CACREP only licensing Paulette Moore  5/25/17  11:27 am
I STRONGLY oppose CACREP only state Katie Monroe, Thrive Behavioral Health  5/25/17  11:23 am
I oppose CACREP only requirement Dr. Joseph Kenna  5/25/17  11:22 am
Opposed to CACREP only Gregory Franklin  5/25/17  11:15 am
I oppose CACREP only requirement Nelly Valero-Wills  5/25/17  11:10 am
I oppose Virginia becoming a CACREP only state Sara Dorrance, counseling resident  5/25/17  11:08 am
I oppose to CACREP only Michelle Stryjewski, LCPC  5/25/17  11:04 am
I oppose the CACREP requirement for licensure. Rev. Leslie Westbrook, Ph.D., LCPC  5/25/17  11:04 am
Oppose CACREP Monopoly Carmen Calatayud, LPC  5/25/17  11:02 am
CACREP Ross Counseling  5/25/17  11:00 am
I oppose making Virginia a CACREP-only state Candace Oglesby, LCPC  5/25/17  10:58 am
Opposed to CACREP only states Time of Need Counseling  5/25/17  10:58 am
Opposed to CACREP Teresa Russell, LCPC-S, NCC, LCADC-S  5/25/17  10:58 am
I oppose this new Virginia regulation. Vilma Nadal, Ph.D.  5/25/17  10:57 am
Opposed to CACREP Mary Beth Werdel  5/25/17  10:55 am
opposed Kathleen Smith  5/25/17  10:55 am
Virginia Regulation Vilma Nadal, Ph.D.  5/25/17  10:54 am
Opposed Betty Bracht  5/25/17  10:54 am
Opposed to CACREP Pete Taylor LCPC, ADS  5/25/17  10:53 am
I Support This Regulatory Action Ariann Robino, Virginia Tech  5/25/17  9:43 am
I oppose CACREP only Katerina Evans, LCPC, ATR  5/25/17  7:37 am
I Support This Regulatory Action Sarah Cocowitch, Resident in Counseling  5/24/17  9:13 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Sarah Cocowitch, Self-employed therapist  5/24/17  9:11 pm
Opposed to CACREP accredited institutions only Jarvia Fishell, LCPC  5/23/17  9:18 pm
I oppose this action Michael Kuhns, LPC  5/23/17  9:09 pm
I am opposed to restricting Virginia licensure to CACREP schools grads only. Val Barksdale-Oliver LCPC  5/23/17  6:01 pm
I oppose. Christine Thron, CentrePointe Counseling  5/23/17  11:14 am
I oppose Cass Mitchell  5/23/17  10:24 am
I Support This Regulatory Action! Okey Nwokolo  5/22/17  10:28 pm
I support this regulatory action Christy M. Cundiff, LPC from Virginia  5/22/17  7:20 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Jennifer Nardine  5/22/17  2:43 pm
I support this regulatory action Jennifer Slusher  5/22/17  2:13 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Sarah Northrup  5/22/17  1:57 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Emily Crutchfield  5/22/17  1:26 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Julia Moran, Virginia Tech University  5/22/17  1:03 pm
I support CACREP standards for all counselors in Virginia Justin Jordan  5/22/17  12:59 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Lacey Mize  5/22/17  11:29 am
I oppose CACREP only legislation Jessie Tappel, LCPC, Alpha Omega  5/22/17  10:47 am
I support this regulatory action Nancy Bodenhorn  5/22/17  9:02 am
I support CACREP Regulatory Action Dannette Gomez Beane  5/22/17  8:08 am
I Support This Regulatory Action Laura Armentrout  5/22/17  7:15 am
Opposition to CACREP Monopoly. The Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Bauer, LCPC Safe Harbor Christian Counseling  5/21/17  10:37 pm
I Support this Regulatory Action Jyotsana Sharma  5/21/17  9:57 pm
Opposed to CACREP-only state Katie Richard, LPC and LCPC  5/21/17  3:41 pm
CACREP Susana Valderrama-Banda, Virginia Tech  5/21/17  12:07 pm
I Support This Regulatory Action Brandy Smith, Roanoke Valley Counseling Services  5/21/17  10:57 am
you are losers Nick  5/19/17  4:02 pm
Opposed to Virginia being a CACREP only state Roger Sandberg, LCPC, EAP Consultant, National Institutes of Health  5/19/17  1:36 pm
CACREP Deborah Carver, LCSW  5/19/17  12:12 pm
I too think that Virgina Common Wealth move to create an educational monopoly is a slap in the face Stephanie Cockrell  5/19/17  7:34 am
Damaging to Clients and Counselors Michael Reeder LCPC, Hygeia Counseling Services  5/18/17  4:33 pm
Opposed: Regulation will Diminish Access to Mental Health Professionals in Virginia Crystal R. Blanchard, LCPC  5/18/17  3:56 pm
Opposed to CACREP only Legislation Anthony S. Parente, MA, LCPC, ICGC II Licensed Clinical Professional Counse  5/18/17  2:45 pm
Requirement for CACREP Accreditation for Educational Programs Rita L. Robinson, LCPC  5/18/17  2:38 pm
Opposed to CACREP only Barbara Currano, MA, NCC, LCPC, Peaceful Waters Counseling  5/18/17  12:57 pm
Oppose CACREP Arthur Flax, LCPC  5/18/17  12:45 pm
Oppose CACREP Only Kathleen LaVina, LCPC, LCADC, RN  5/18/17  12:13 pm
Stop! CACREP-only state in VA Earlene Williams, LGPC  5/18/17  10:39 am
I oppose CACREP only professionals in Virginia. Tammerra Hewitt, Anew Care Counseling Service, LLC  5/18/17  10:22 am
A bridge to far Shaun Robbs LCPC  5/18/17  10:14 am
CACREP only Marlene K. Backert, LCPC; NCC, BCPCC  5/18/17  9:55 am
Strongly Oppose CACREP-Only Proposal Melissa Wesner / LifeSpring Counseling Services  5/18/17  9:53 am
I strongly oppose this proposal Nicole Barber, LCPC  5/18/17  9:13 am
Oppose CACREP only requirement Leslie Stanbury, L.C.P.C.  5/18/17  9:07 am
Va. Is attempting to monopolize the system $. At the consumers detriment. I wholly OBJECT! Wayne Marshall LCPC  5/18/17  8:29 am
CACREP Only State Tanner Tanner / James N. Tanner, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor  5/18/17  7:50 am
Virginia will only lose more therapists Nathan Calvino, LGPC  5/18/17  6:08 am
Opposition to make Virginia a CACREP-only state Nakitta McLean, M.Ed; LGPC; Turning Point Clinic  5/18/17  6:00 am
OPPOSE CACREP ONLY PROGRAM Karen Diggs  5/18/17  5:09 am
Opposition to CACREP Requirement Rodrick D. Williams  5/18/17  2:43 am
I oppose Virginia as a CACREP-only state Christy Gordon  5/18/17  12:11 am
No to Carep only Madrical Thompson, M.A., LPC, LCPC  5/17/17  11:36 pm
Opposed to CACREP only state. Toni Maxwell  5/17/17  10:41 pm
Dummying down the counseling profession serves no one. Patricia Simpson, MS, LCPC, C-IAYT, LCPCM  5/17/17  10:36 pm
Opposition to CACREP only Becky Riley Olin, LCPC, MT-BC  5/17/17  8:55 pm
Against Amy M. Cohen, LLC  5/17/17  8:50 pm
opposition to CACREP only Rachel Soifer  5/17/17  8:24 pm
Competency builing not business building Edward G. Lambro, Ph.D, CCMHC, LPC - Private Practice Associates  5/17/17  8:05 pm
take your license and stick it where the sun don't shine. over 28 years in this field and thits is Scott Alpert  5/17/17  8:04 pm
Think of the clients we serve Tyisha Woodroffe,LCPC  5/17/17  8:02 pm
CACREP will not ensure good therapists LuAnn Oliver  5/17/17  5:48 pm
I oppose a CaCrep only policy Dalphine Cager, Ph.D., LCPC  5/17/17  5:27 pm
Opposition to Making CACREP -Only State Brenda von Rautenkranz,LCPC  5/17/17  5:20 pm
Cacrep only policy Dalphine Cager, Ph.D., LCPC  5/17/17  5:19 pm
Strongly Opposed Heidi Lindorf, MFT Resident  5/17/17  5:15 pm
Against the CACREP only policy Kathleen Russo-Garcia  5/17/17  5:13 pm
Please do not block Mental Health counselors from practicing in Virginia Mollie Thorn, LCPCM Board President  5/17/17  4:58 pm
Against these standards Jolene Farmer, M.A., NCSP, LGPC  5/17/17  4:37 pm
I am against the proposed CACREP only policy. Dr. Pamela Rice, The Rice Counseling Service  5/17/17  4:31 pm
As a clinical supervisior for many years of counseling students I have witnessed a certain frustrati Maureen O'Brien,LCPC Inspirit Counseling Services & UMSJMC Medical Center  5/17/17  4:27 pm
I graduated from Johns Hopkins University when it was a non-CACREP program Janet Glover-Kerkvliet, LCPC  5/17/17  4:22 pm
Against the Trump ban!! I mean CACREP monopoly! Dr. Robins.  5/17/17  4:20 pm
Against CACREP only Lifes Foundation  5/17/17  4:13 pm
AGAINST CACREP ONLY Rebecca Schaffner  5/17/17  3:45 pm
I graduated from CACREP accredited schools. We are not superior. Ben Toma, LCPC, Alexandria CSB  5/17/17  3:44 pm
Objection to restricting Virginia licensure for licensed counselors Barbara Fairfield, LCMFT  5/17/17  3:41 pm
Stupidity of a ten year old system. Aldin Gordon, DITTO  5/17/17  3:41 pm
egulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling [18 VAC 115 ? 20] Action: Requirement f perry nerantzis  5/17/17  3:38 pm
Opposed to cacrep only Shannon  5/17/17  3:35 pm
Opposition to making Virginia a CACREP-only state Chris Hall, LCPCM  5/17/17  3:30 pm
Opposed: CACREP only damages the mental health system and patent access to high quality care E. jonathan Klopp LCPC  5/17/17  3:26 pm
Opposition to make Virginia a CACREP-only state Liz Park  5/17/17  3:25 pm
Opposition to making Virginia a CACREP only state Cristina Machin LCPCM  5/17/17  3:22 pm
Opposed: Do Not Make Virginia CACREP-only State. Joshua Murray, Cedar Ridge Children's Home and School  5/17/17  3:16 pm
Opposed: Regulation will Diminish Access to Mental Health Professionals in Virginia Larry Epp, Ed.D., LCPC, Past President, Maryland Chapter, LCPCM/AMHCA  5/16/17  8:52 am

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