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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Licensure by endorsement

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CLOSED     Opened on 10/1/2018 and Ended on 10/22/2018

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Strongly oppose NCLEP proposal Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors of Maryalnd  10/22/18  11:53 pm
Strongly Oppose NCLEP Savannah Ford, Marymount University Graduate Student  10/22/18  11:50 pm
Opposition of the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development to the petition for endor Shon D Smith  10/22/18  11:18 pm
In Opposition to NCLEP's 3 year post licensure requirement T. Duffey, R. Smith, S. Haberstroh, J. Daniels, S. Kakacek  10/22/18  9:48 pm
Oppose the adoption of the NCLEP Plan John Donahue, University of Baltimore  10/22/18  9:47 pm
Strongly Oppose NCLEP, In Favor Of ACA Proposal Ashley Aguirre, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student  10/22/18  8:51 pm
Oppose Michelle Schoonmaker, Metamorphosis Institute LLC  10/22/18  8:43 pm
Strongly oppose Tori Stone, PhD, LPC  10/22/18  8:28 pm
Oppose Jason D. Reynolds  10/22/18  7:40 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE NCLEP International Association of Addictions and Offender  10/22/18  7:13 pm
Strongly Opposed/Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University John E. Smith, Ed.D.  10/22/18  3:49 pm
strongly oppose NCLEP Ruth Palmer, PhD, Eastern University  10/22/18  1:48 pm
Oppose NCLEP Sophia Alapati, LGPC, Thrive Behavioral Health  10/22/18  12:50 pm
Support the ACA proposal, not NCLEP Catherine Tucker Assoc Child & Adolescent Counseling  10/22/18  10:48 am
Strongly oppose Michael J. Kachura, LPC;LMFT  10/22/18  10:29 am
Oppose Ben Beitin, PhD, Seton Hall University  10/22/18  12:39 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE NCLEP District of Columbia Counseling Association  10/21/18  10:59 pm
In opposition to NCLEP Catherine J Eaton, President, Maryland Counseling Association  10/20/18  7:36 pm
Strongly opposed Pamela Foley, Ph.D., Seton Hall University  10/20/18  12:30 pm
CSJ OPPOSES NCLEP Anna Flores Locke, Counselors for Social Justice  10/20/18  8:28 am
Encourage the Board of Counseling to approve the petition for rule making 281 and endorse NCLEP Joel Miller, Executive Director/CEO, Amer. Mental Health Counselors Assoc.  10/19/18  8:24 pm
Support NCLEP Kimberly Johnson  10/19/18  6:55 pm
AASCB Strongly Supports Angela McDonald, AASCB: American Association of State Counseling Boards  10/19/18  6:24 pm
Strongly oppose NCLEP Christopher Hall, LGPC  10/19/18  4:39 pm
Strongly oppose NLEP Virginia White LMHC  10/19/18  3:43 pm
STRONGLY SUPPORT NCLEP Marsha Wiggins, Executive Director, ACES  10/19/18  3:07 pm
Strongly Opposed Clarafrancie Cromer Sowers  10/19/18  3:03 pm
Reject the proposal to adopt the NCLEP Peggy Brady-Amoon, PhD, LPC, Alliance for Professional Counselors  10/19/18  3:01 pm
Strongly Opposed Fred Bemak  10/19/18  1:52 pm
Strongly oppose Dr. Tim Balke, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota  10/19/18  1:34 pm
Strongly Oppose H. Grant-Marsney  10/19/18  1:22 pm
Strongly Oppose NCLEP Eve Adams, New Mexico State University  10/19/18  1:04 pm
AGAINST NCLEP Darlene Smith & Colleagues, University of Baltimore  10/19/18  12:03 pm
Strongly Oppose CPSY Department, Ball State University  10/19/18  11:22 am
Strongly Oppose Stefania Aegisdottir, Ball State University, CPSY department  10/19/18  11:16 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Rita Chi-Ying Chung, PhD. George Mason University  10/19/18  10:36 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Joseph Williams, PhD University of Virginia  10/19/18  8:59 am
opposing licensure portability restrictions David M. Gamble  10/19/18  7:30 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Kamille Harris  10/18/18  10:03 pm
Oppose NCLEP Scott Heine  10/18/18  6:09 pm
Strongly oppose NCLEP James Bludworth  10/18/18  5:55 pm
Promote portability and access to healthcare, not exclusivity Edward Ameen  10/18/18  5:54 pm
Strongly oppose NCLEP portability restriction John L. Romano, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, emeritus  10/18/18  4:27 pm
Virginia Counselors Association Response: Oppose NCLEP Monica P. Band, Virginia Counselors Association  10/18/18  4:12 pm
Strongly Oppose this proposal Thomas R Lishman, LCPC Bright Star Counseling and Consulting  10/18/18  2:27 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Jill Paquin, PhD, Licensed Psychologist  10/18/18  1:02 pm
Support Portability Melissa Porrey  10/18/18  11:23 am
Strongly Oppose the proposal to adopt the NCLEP to Virginia Haley Bell  10/18/18  10:50 am
Oppose NCLEP Laurel Watson  10/18/18  10:40 am
NCLEP Creates Hardship Rebecca Kaderli, LPC, LSATP, NCC  10/18/18  10:27 am
OPPOSE PROPOSAL Nadya Fouad  10/18/18  10:23 am
OPPOSE NCLEP Kathryn Kominars, M.Ed., Ph.D.  10/18/18  9:51 am
Oppose NCLEP Leanne Parker, PhD, Private Practitioner  10/18/18  9:10 am
Oppose NCLEP Michael V. Ellis, Ph.D.  10/18/18  8:49 am
Oppose NCLEP- Michelle Santiago, PsyD, LPC, NCC,CCMHC, Member of PA SW, MFT, & LPC Board  10/18/18  8:26 am
PORTABILITY FOR LPC'S Lori Ward, Ward Group, LLC.  10/18/18  1:47 am
I support portability Tenacity Meier  10/18/18  12:48 am
In full support Quinn Smelser, The Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery and Education  10/17/18  10:29 pm
Oppose NCLEP: support all counselors portability Rebecca Abramowicz LCPC Md  10/17/18  10:17 pm
Opposition to inclusion of NCLEP for licensure by endorsement in Virginia Roger Sandberg  10/17/18  8:14 pm
Oppose: Non-CACREP Counselors Harmed by this Proposal Larry Epp, Ed.D., LCPC, Past President, Maryland Chapter (AMHCA/LCPCM)  10/17/18  8:14 pm
Oppose adoption of NCLEP Simon B. Goldberg  10/17/18  6:34 pm
Oppose NCLEP proposal Anthony Isacco, Chatham University  10/17/18  4:52 pm
Opposition to NCLEP Paul Pohto, M.Ed.  10/17/18  4:20 pm
OPPOSE NCLEP Sally D. Stabb, Ph.D.  10/17/18  4:12 pm
Strongly Agree Josiah Greever  10/17/18  4:07 pm
I agree Patricia Northcutt ,NCC  10/17/18  3:49 pm
strongly opposing the proposal to adopt the NCLEP ! Jeremy Coleman  10/17/18  3:33 pm
Opposition to NCLEP Sylvia Marotta-Walters  10/17/18  3:30 pm
I Support Steven Ferrufino  10/17/18  3:10 pm
LPC Licensure Portability Streamlined Across US States Francis Raj  10/17/18  3:07 pm
ACA Portability Plan Eleanor McCabe  10/17/18  2:38 pm
Oppose the crypto CACREP power grab Aaron Dembe, M.Ed.  10/17/18  2:34 pm
Against expanding CACREP's efforts to control the field George Rathbone, Developmental Support Associates  10/17/18  2:18 pm
Opposing NCLEP Nathan Calvino  10/17/18  12:59 pm
Strongly oppose the regulation as written. Support ACA portability plan. SMCN, Inc.  10/17/18  12:45 pm
Opposing NCLEP Nebojsa Zimonjic, LCPC  10/17/18  12:15 pm
I support ACA portablity plan and strongly oppose NCLEP Jason M Prenoveau, Loyola University Maryland  10/17/18  12:03 pm
I support the ACA Portability Plan Lian Liu, Lehigh University  10/17/18  11:52 am
Strongly opposed- please support the better ACA Portability Proposal Julie Andrews, LCPC Maryland  10/17/18  11:31 am
Strongly opposed. Please support the more equitable ACA Portability Plan. Kelly Judd, Counseling Student, Capella University  10/17/18  11:12 am
Strongly opposed Lisa De La Rue, University of San Francisco  10/17/18  10:58 am
Please support only the ACA plan for license portability. Barbara Currano, MA, LCPC, Peaceful Waters Counseling and Alpha Omega ClinC  10/17/18  10:45 am
I strongly oppose NCLEP! Susan Onofrio, LCPC  10/17/18  10:24 am
I support the ACA Portability Plan as a more equitable plan. I oppose NCLEP. Marilyn F Clark, LCPCM  10/17/18  10:15 am
I strongly oppose the NCLEP plan for portability! Heidi Zetzer, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara  10/17/18  10:03 am
Portability Plan Dr. Veronica Powell, Measures4Success, LLC  10/17/18  9:59 am
Strongly support NCLEP Cyndi Matthews  10/17/18  9:57 am
Strongly Oppose the NCLEP standard Yolanda Rogers, LCPC  10/17/18  9:51 am
Opposed. Why does VA want to keep experienced counselors from serving Virginia Residents? Lantern Therapeutic Services  10/17/18  9:50 am
Strongly Oppose the NCLEP! Glori VanBrunt, LCPC  10/17/18  9:36 am
Strongly oppose NCLEP Blaine Fowers, Ph.D.  10/17/18  9:33 am
Strongly Oppose the NCLEP standard Robert Castle, LCPC and Clinical Supervisor  10/17/18  9:26 am
Support. Please ratify Willard Vaughn, LPC  10/17/18  9:11 am
Support Licensure Portability for Professional Counselors Kathleen Edelen, LPC in Private Practice  10/17/18  9:08 am
Oppose Lydia P Buki, PhD  10/17/18  9:07 am
In support of NCLEP adoption Thom Field, PhD, LPC  10/17/18  8:42 am
Licensure in VA by endorsement Mary Ann St John  10/17/18  7:50 am
Oppose Danielle Holmes  10/17/18  7:49 am
Portability Michelli Simpson  10/17/18  7:02 am
In support Christine Currie, New Hope Counseling Services, LLC  10/17/18  2:04 am
Portability is Essential MARY E KIRKPATRICK, Resident Counselor, Phoenix Counseling  10/17/18  1:37 am
Vote Yes Sataunya Greer, BCC, MA  10/16/18  8:54 pm
Please vote yes Dr. Anne Cornell  10/16/18  6:24 pm
Please streamline the portability standards Beth Henry  10/16/18  5:27 pm
Oppose the NCLEP proposal, it can have serious consequences on the field Johanna Nilsson  10/16/18  4:47 pm
Promote Accessible Mental Health Care with Licensure Portability for Counselors Amie Manis, Capella University  10/16/18  4:23 pm
Support of Petition 281 Licensure by Endorsement Leta Sharkey, MS, NCC, CDMS, CRP, CLCP, MSCC  10/16/18  4:11 pm
Oppose proposal to Adopt the NCLEP Arpana G Inman  10/16/18  3:30 pm
Strongly opposing the proposal to adopt the NCLEP Professor and Clinical Supervisor  10/16/18  2:40 pm
I support petition 281 Licensure by Endorsement Camille Karcher, LPC  10/16/18  1:56 pm
Portability for Counselors Carolyn Hersh, LPC  10/16/18  1:53 pm
Counseling Portability Janice Lebron, HRCPI  10/16/18  1:37 pm
LPC Karen Beth Johnston-Sabat  10/16/18  1:18 pm
NCLEP Endorsement Valerie Mitchell, Living Well Counseling  10/16/18  1:15 pm
Support of National Counselor Licensure Endorsement Process Blake Steagall, LPC  10/16/18  1:11 pm
Support for Petition 281 Joan Normandy-Dolberg, LPC  10/16/18  1:11 pm
Support for Petition 281/ Inclusion of the NCLEP Mary Feamster, Resident in Counseling  10/16/18  12:51 pm
I support The Counselor Portability Plan Julie A. Day, LPC  10/16/18  12:49 pm
Counseling Portability Stephen C. Combs (Insight Psychological Services, PLLC  10/16/18  12:43 pm
Support of Petition 281 - Licensure Portability Marie Paddock, LPC  10/16/18  12:41 pm
Portability for Counselors Cynthia Palmaz  10/16/18  12:36 pm
please allow portability of counseling licenses from other states and the national certificate. Deron Ernst, LPC TX, TN; NCC  10/16/18  12:35 pm
Thanks! Nancy Ellmann Leonard  10/16/18  12:18 pm
Allowing LPC's to be acknowledged in each state = portability Catherine Love  10/16/18  12:14 pm
In support of petition 281 Michaella Beatty, NCC  10/16/18  12:01 pm
grave concerns regarding this petition AndrĂ©s J. Consoli  10/16/18  11:56 am
Opposition of proposal to adopt NCLEP Heidi Hutman, Temple University  10/16/18  11:56 am
Oppose adoption of NCLEP Dr. Joseph H. Hammer  10/16/18  11:44 am
Petition 281 titled Licensure by Endorsement Beatriz Balbontin  10/16/18  11:36 am
Support for Adopting the NCLEP Dr. David Julius Ford, Jr.  10/16/18  11:30 am
Oppose Dawn McComb  10/16/18  11:27 am
Petition 281 Licensure by Endorsement Christina Morris, LPC  10/16/18  11:22 am
Support of petition and request to reinstate my LPC and CSAC Dr. Babatunde Adekson  10/16/18  11:14 am
Opposition of the American Counseling Association to the petition for endorsement of the National Co Simone Lambert, American Counseling Association  10/15/18  4:28 pm
No evidence Edil Torres Rivera  10/10/18  1:03 pm
Oppose adoption of NCLEP as it currently reads Cynthia Miller  10/10/18  12:28 pm
Petition for Rule-Making (281) for National Counselor Licensure Endorsement Process Jolie Long, National Board for Certified Counselors  10/9/18  5:32 pm
Support for this rule Rebecca K Hogg, Resident in Counseling  10/6/18  9:00 pm
In support of Caitrin Allingham, Oakton Primary Care Counseling  10/5/18  12:34 pm
Supporting Comment Masterful Couples of Northern VA  10/5/18  11:06 am

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