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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Alternative to clinical hours required for RN licensure

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CLOSED     Opened on 7/5/2010 and Ended on 8/4/2010

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Support for Excelsior Teracia Nunnally, Excelsior  8/4/10  10:05 pm
Support for Innovations in Nursing Education Cathie Collins, PhD, RN, CNE  8/4/10  4:17 pm
Support for the amendment Lee Weeda, RN, EMT-PS  8/4/10  4:13 pm
In support of the petition for rulemaking Excelsior College  8/4/10  11:49 am
Support ILISA KLEIFIELD  8/3/10  9:55 pm
Opposition to Alternative to Clinical Hours for RN licensure Bennie L. Marshall, Virginia Association of Colleges of Nursing  8/3/10  11:49 am
Opposition t.o Petition for Rulemaking Bennie L. Marshall, Norfolk State University  8/3/10  10:34 am
Excelsior College Linda A. Mueller, MS, RN John Tyler Community College  8/2/10  2:21 pm
Support  8/1/10  11:53 am
Nursing status T Nicole  7/30/10  8:05 pm
In support of granting licensure to Excelsior Graduates Kathy Lewis, LPN  7/30/10  4:14 pm
Support the reinstatment A. Collins  7/29/10  8:46 pm
In Support. A . Addo  7/29/10  1:06 pm
Support For Laurie Black, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Excelsior College RN studen  7/28/10  5:06 am
New law Amanda James, LPN  7/27/10  8:50 pm
In favor of Excelsior College RN program Penny Marriott  7/27/10  3:04 am
strongly oppose R. Nelson, RN, BSN, CCRN, MSN candidate  7/26/10  6:38 pm
Support L.S., LPN  7/26/10  6:05 pm
Clinical hours, nursing school Brenda Mitchell, CraterCommunityHospice\  7/26/10  2:05 pm
Think this through carefully Janet Winter  7/26/10  12:24 pm
Support Terra Ciurro  7/26/10  12:08 pm
Oppose this strongly... Anonymous, MSN, APRN, CEN, FAEN  7/25/10  11:57 pm
Excelsior Emily James  7/25/10  10:33 pm
I support Excelsior College Joanna Hysler  7/25/10  6:48 pm
Support for Excelsior Graduates New Grad RN  7/25/10  5:06 pm
Support Latina, LPN  7/25/10  3:46 pm
Support Tiffany Hurks, LPN  7/25/10  3:35 pm
Oppose S.L. Van Den  7/25/10  2:48 pm
Excelsior Graduates are RNs Susan Bartmon, RN  7/25/10  2:00 pm
I support this program Kelly Patton RN  7/25/10  1:04 pm
Excelsior College Jay Yaws RN  7/25/10  12:23 pm
SUPPORT anonymous  7/25/10  8:56 am
Oppose alternative to clinical hours for RN licensure Ann Claybrook-Horne RN, MSN, COHN-S, CLNC  7/25/10  3:57 am
Support of proposed regulatory amendment. Steven, Excelsior College Student  7/24/10  10:54 pm
We Totally Support Excelsior College Sheila M Smith  7/24/10  7:43 pm
I Totally Support Douglas E Smith Jr  7/24/10  7:41 pm
excelsior college students dl  7/23/10  5:47 pm
Support of proposed regulatory amendment Angele Bennett, RN, MS  7/23/10  4:48 pm
Excelsior College Nancy Howe, Stanford University  7/23/10  12:41 am
Statement of Support for this proposed regulatory amendment Nichelle Hudnall, LPN, CHPLN  7/22/10  11:21 pm
I support this petition. Onnalee Pendergraft  7/22/10  8:47 pm
My name is F.Ngundam an LPN . I hope this program gets approved in VA.All my support. Florence Ngundam Genesis. Co.  7/22/10  4:46 pm
I Support the Re-Admission of the Excelsior College Nursing Program back in Virginia 150% Anonymous  7/22/10  11:31 am
Support for Excelsior College John Pitts, private citizen  7/22/10  10:31 am
Support of Excelsior College ADN Program Anthony Brown, BS  7/22/10  8:30 am
excelsior nursing program college student  7/21/10  10:39 pm
excelsior nursing program Lisa Gravelle, LPN  7/21/10  9:47 pm
excelsior prpgram Shirley Beck  7/21/10  3:49 pm
Reinstate EC students to sit for RN licensure Natasha Lewis LPN  7/21/10  10:52 am
excelsior college joann c ochran, lpn  7/20/10  10:36 pm
Excelsior Support Mary K. Willets LPN  7/20/10  8:49 pm
Strongly Support Brian Phelps  7/20/10  8:04 pm
I Support the Re-Admission of the Excelsior College Nursing Program back in Virginia 100% !!!!! Debra J. Alexander, Excelsior College Nursing Student  7/20/10  4:39 pm
Excelsior College Larry Stephens  7/20/10  4:30 pm
Supporting Excelsior Jinny R.  7/20/10  12:58 pm
LPN Sharon Tillotson-Ates  7/20/10  12:08 pm
Excelsior College- In Favor Pamela Dungan, Private Duty LPN  7/20/10  11:33 am
Excelsior College Linda Metz LPN  7/20/10  11:11 am
Excelsior College petition Sharon Stanley, Salem VAMC  7/20/10  10:25 am
Bring the program back! Whitney McIlhany  7/20/10  10:15 am
Excelsior College Kate Rhyne, LPN  7/19/10  7:14 pm
alternative for clinical hours for RN license Arneatia Maven  7/19/10  7:10 pm
I support Ranota Harms LPN  7/19/10  1:38 pm
Excelsior College Graduates licensing in the state of VA by NCLEX-RN exams and endorsement. Alozie Peter  7/17/10  8:54 pm
Oppose. Marsha L. Garrison, RN, MSN  7/16/10  3:41 pm
Oppose Linda K. Riffel, MSN, RN  7/16/10  1:27 pm
Professional contributions to patient care Nita Kasan, RN, MS  7/16/10  12:35 pm
Excelsior Nursing Students Randolph N. Smith ER -Medical assistant/ NYS Paramedic/Nursing student  7/15/10  9:50 am
I support this petition! Ardel Labitoria, LPN  7/15/10  5:06 am
In support of Excelsior College nursing students and graduates S. Maki, RN ADN  7/15/10  12:04 am
I Support Excelsior College Program Re-Instatement Anna Pruitt-Parks  7/13/10  12:09 pm
Strongly Support Mary R.  7/12/10  4:43 pm
I support EC Graduate Validation Angie Stevenson, RN- EC Graduate  7/12/10  2:26 pm
Support for Excelsior College Nursing Graduates George S. Thomas, NREMT-P, Ph.D.  7/12/10  10:24 am
Supports Excelsior College for re-admision in Va Tina Logan  7/12/10  9:47 am
Excelsior College Kelley Sacksteder RN  7/11/10  4:24 pm
EC graduates J. Wright RN - CMSN  7/11/10  2:30 pm
Excelsior College Support Francelia Archie- Simpson LPN  7/10/10  11:35 am
Support of Excelsior Kimberley Gray  7/10/10  2:00 am
Statement in Support of Excelsior nursing program Anonymous  7/10/10  12:29 am
Statement in Support of Excelsior nursing program Anonymous  7/10/10  12:12 am
Excelsior is college just like the rest of them and its student should be treated with dignity S Jones  7/7/10  9:12 pm
I support Excelsior College's AD nursing Program Buffie Deliman LPN, GN  7/7/10  5:51 pm
Support Kent McIlhany  7/7/10  12:32 pm
Excelisor College Connie Summy, RN, ASN  7/6/10  9:18 pm
Support Excelsior's Associate Degree in Nursing Program Roberta H. Whitlinger R.N., L.N.C.  7/6/10  7:49 pm
Excelsior College support Phyllis Hawkes BN,RN  7/6/10  4:29 pm
I support this. Lisa Sarao, BSN, RN, CEN, NREMT-P  7/6/10  4:26 pm
Excelsior College Joan M. Hirsch  7/6/10  3:14 pm
Petition for rulemaking Gloria J. Tomberlin RN, LPC, NCC  7/6/10  2:57 pm
Support for the proposed regulatory amendment assuring rigorous academic standards are met M. Bridget Nettleton, PhD, RN, Dean, Excelsior College School of Nursing  7/6/10  2:41 pm
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