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General Notice: Incorrect Date for Public Hearing Notice

CLOSED     Opened on 9/10/2018 and Ended on 10/11/2018

The Forensic Science Board held a public hearing on August 22, 2018 regarding the Board Notice of Intended Regulatory Action to Consider Amendments to 6 VAC 40-30, the Regulations for the Approval of Field Tests for Detection of Drugs.  Unfortunately, the public hearing date was incorrectly listed on as August 22, 2019.  The error was not discovered until after the public hearing had occurred.  It should be noted that the Department of Forensic Science notified its stakeholders, including law enforcement, Commonwealth’s Attorneys, and members of the criminal defense bar, of the Notice of Intended Regulatory Action and the correct date for the public hearing, by separate email on August 9, 2018.

In an effort to keep interested parties who utilize Virginia’s Regulatory Town Hall informed, the Department is providing, as part of this General Notice, the draft minutes from the public hearing:

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