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General Notice: Emergency regulations for pharmaceutical processors of CBD or THC-A oil

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 7/23/2018 and closes at 11:59pm on 8/22/2018

The Board of Pharmacy will be adopting proposed regulations to replace emergency regulations for pharmaceutical processors at its meeting on September 25, 2018.  Prior to adoption, It is seeking comment on the regulations as amended by the Board at its meeting in June.  Public comment may be posted on the Townhall or sent to the Executive Director of the Board.

The emergency regulations may be viewed by copying this address:

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Pharmaceutical Processor Permit Robert DiCenzo, Dean, School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah University  8/17/18  9:40 am
Regulations for Pharmaceutical Processors Joseph T. DiPiro, Dean, VCU School of Pharmacy  8/16/18  5:10 pm
18VAC110-60-10 Lee Olesen, NOVA Pharma Processors  8/7/18  3:29 pm
Emergency Regulations 18VAC110-60-10 et sec. Erica Wiley  7/30/18  12:32 pm

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