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General Notice: 2018 Virginia Energy Plan

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 6/25/2018 and closes at 11:59pm on 8/24/2018

The following comment forum is designed to facilitate public participation in the process of developing the 2018 Virginia Energy Plan. The Plan is intended to provide a strategic vision for the energy policy of the Commonwealth over the next 10 years. It is being developed in accordance with Chapter 2 of Title 67 of the Code of Virginia. Per the statute, the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy is tasked with submitting the Plan to the Governor, the State Corporation Commission and the General Assembly by October 1, 2018.


For more information about the Virginia Energy Plan, please visit:

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Virginia way behind on solar adoption. Denis Oudard - Rooftop Solar Owner  7/17/18  4:42 pm
Rooftop Solar and the Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program Billy Weitzenfeld - Association of Energy Conservation Professionals (AECP)  7/17/18  3:39 pm
Pro-Nuclear William WAUGH  7/17/18  9:04 am
Energy Plan for Virginia William WAUGH, concerned citizen  7/17/18  8:42 am
Solar + Storage is resilient Guy Beaver, Rooftop Solar Owner  7/17/18  8:23 am
Co-Exist to build a better future Carl Zangardi  7/17/18  4:21 am
Virginia should become a leader in rooftop solar. Susan Elwell  7/16/18  8:58 pm
Don't let Virginia be left behind in the solar energy revolution! Lin H Chambers  7/16/18  8:46 pm
Rooftop Solar will bring us back from the brink of Global Warming Disaster Gretchen Boise  7/16/18  8:14 pm
Distributed grid-tied photovoltaic solar and battery storage will be part of resilient power system jim bier  7/16/18  5:35 pm
Rooftop Solar with battery backup need to be supported by the state Pickett Craddock, Oak Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast  7/16/18  5:00 pm
Energy From All To All John Roberts  7/16/18  3:46 pm
Benefits of Solar Power Tom Endrusick  7/16/18  3:45 pm
Solar Solves Problems Shirs Flax, Watergate at Landmark condo, Alexandria, Virginia  7/16/18  1:45 pm
Clean energy can help alleviate poverty Ms. Janet Gooch  7/16/18  1:00 pm
remove standby charges Joseph Catanzano  7/16/18  12:29 pm
We need a forward looking comprehensive energy plan Eugend Stoltzfus, Eugene Stoltzfus, Architects  7/16/18  11:40 am
Clean energy creates dependable careers Lisa Porter  7/16/18  10:42 am
Support Renewable Energy and Storage Infrastructure Ryan Brown  7/16/18  10:28 am
clean energy Ann Hays  7/15/18  5:18 pm
Support rooftop solar in the Virginia Energy Plan Ruth McElroy Amundsen  7/15/18  12:10 pm
Roof top solar - critical functions - in VA Scott Sklar, The Stella Group, Ltd.  7/15/18  9:46 am
Virginia Energy Plan needs Rooftop Solar Mary Barhydt  7/15/18  8:06 am
Support rooftop solar in the grid Ned Wulin  7/14/18  7:15 pm
Support solar power Ellen Peters  7/14/18  4:12 pm
Solar is needed in Virgina now - great time now Mark  7/14/18  3:58 pm
Solar Energy Caryl Mansfield Sawyer  7/14/18  1:48 pm
Solar Energy Leslie O’Shaughnessy  7/14/18  1:39 pm
Energy Independence! - What Could Be More Patriotic? Dave Nystrom  7/14/18  1:09 pm
Solar VA Laks  7/14/18  12:53 pm
Rooftop Solar Lin Rasmussen  7/14/18  11:21 am
Va. Energy Plan Chuck Epes  7/14/18  10:51 am
Need for a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in Virginia Michael Fraser, self  7/14/18  10:03 am
Time for rooftop solar Brendan E  7/14/18  9:37 am
Solar is a no brainer Walter Hylton  7/14/18  9:09 am
Support of Rooftop Solar as Cornerstone of a Modern Electric Grid Richard W. Firth  7/14/18  9:08 am
Energy Planning for VA Jeanne Wall  7/14/18  8:55 am
Comprehensive approach H. Bishop Dansby  7/13/18  4:04 pm
Rooftop Solar must be part of the Energy System of the Future Robert Biersack  7/13/18  3:37 pm
Solar Power Mr. H. Bishop Dansby  7/2/18  3:31 pm
Rooftop Solar Must be the Cornerstone of Virginia’s Energy Plan Aaron Sutch. Solar United Neighbors of Virginia  7/2/18  11:09 am
Truly clean energy is the only way to go. Karen Fedorov  6/28/18  10:33 pm
Truly clean energy is the only way to go. Karen Fedorov  6/28/18  10:30 pm
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