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General Notice: Comment on Adequately Funding Virginia’s Food Safety and Restaurant Inspection Programs

CLOSED     Opened on 6/12/2018 and Ended on 7/13/2018

Item 94 of the 2018 Appropriation Act directs the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Virginia Department of Health to collaborate to develop a long-term plan to adequately fund the food safety and restaurant inspection programs. In developing the plan, the departments shall seek input from representatives from local governments, private sector organizations, and the public. The objective of the plan is to develop a financial strategy for the programs that will protect the public and the business sector without undue burdens. The plan shall address, but not be limited to, these factors: (1) the likelihood of additional general fund resources for this activity; (2) projected workloads, including the total number of establishments subject to inspection and by type of establishment; (3) cost containment and efficiency strategies in program management through increased reliance upon technology; (4) options to fund the programs or a portion of the progra ...... read the full general notice

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Speaking as a brewery owner. Redbeard Brewing Company, LLC  7/13/18  10:37 am
Food safety, public health goals John Snow  6/13/18  10:37 pm
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