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General Notice: Public Comment Opportunity: SB 627 Study to Consider Prohibition on Certain Limits of Liability in Home Inspection Contracts

CLOSED     Opened on 6/11/2018 and Ended on 6/25/2018

The Virginia Board for Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors has scheduled a public hearing to accept public comments on a study requested to consider the provisions of SB 627 from the 2018 General Assembly Session.  The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, June 28th at 9:00 a.m. at the Perimeter Center, 2nd Floor, Training Room 2, 9960 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA  23233.  If you are unable to attend the public hearing to provide comment, you may do so via the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website or to the following:

Email:  Attention:  Trisha L. Henshaw, Executive Director - ALHI@DPOR.Virginia.Gov

Mail:  Trisha L. Henshaw, ALHI Board, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400, Richmond, VA  23233

Fax:  Attention:  Trisha L. Henshaw, Executive Director - 866-350-5354< ...... read the full general notice

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Oppose Virginia SB 627 Fernando Barrientos, Abode Check Home inspections  6/25/18  11:55 pm
Oppose SB627 Tony Toth, NOVA-ASHI - President  6/25/18  11:42 pm
Defensive Inspections Hollis Brown, Home Inspector Training Academy  6/25/18  10:05 pm
 Virginia Senate Bill 627. Brand Home Inspections, LLC  6/25/18  9:03 pm
Oppose SB627 Andy Rider, Atlantic House Whisperer  6/25/18  8:50 pm
Oppose Senate Bill 627 Ed Snope  6/25/18  8:32 pm
Virginia Senate Bill 627, making home inspectors liable for any issue Ken Zenzel, AMER Building Inspection Services  6/25/18  7:50 pm
SB 627 Would Have Many Unfortunate Consequences Alex Aderton, Merit Home Inspectors LLC  6/25/18  7:16 pm
SB 627: Respectfully Against--Negative for Home buyers, Home Inspectors, & Real Estate Transactions Joe Myers, Empire Home Inspections, Inc.  6/25/18  6:20 pm
OPPOSE passing SB 627 Terri Flight, LLC Assoc. Broker, RE/MAX Regency  6/25/18  5:52 pm
Pending Legislation re Home Inspectors Quarles Consulting  6/25/18  4:59 pm
Oppose SB 627 Sean Troxell, JD Grewell & Associates; ASHI  6/25/18  2:18 pm
SB 627 Detrimental to VA Real Estate Jonathan Russell, A-Pro Home Inspection Services  6/25/18  10:19 am
Unappreciated Industry joe fortuner  6/25/18  9:10 am
Oppose SB627 Edda Berglund  6/25/18  6:36 am
SB 627 should not be retroactive Robert Thompson, Hawkeye Inspection Service, Inc.  6/24/18  8:54 pm
Oppose Senate Bill 627 Lou Scerbo, HOMES ARE US, Inc.  6/24/18  4:30 pm
Oppose VA Senate Bill 627 HouseMaster  6/24/18  3:36 pm
SB 627 opposition Bryan Edward Home Detective LLC  6/24/18  1:28 pm
Strongly Oppose this bill. Jason Bennett  6/24/18  11:43 am
I oppose this legislation. FireProof Home Inspections  6/23/18  8:17 pm
Ludicrous Legislation Daniel Stone, Danrocks Home Inspections  6/23/18  3:17 pm
Opposition to SB 627 Tom Harris Quality Assurance Inspections.  6/23/18  12:42 pm
Oppose/Reject SB 627 forever Pillar to Post  6/23/18  10:54 am
Opposition to SB627 Michael Mallott, Checkmark Home Inspections  6/23/18  7:44 am
Reject Senate Bill 627 Barry Holt, PepperWood Home Inspections LLC  6/22/18  5:08 pm
Virginia SB 627: opposed Jim Gannon, Gannon Home Inspections  6/22/18  4:44 pm
Reject Senate Bill 627 Dennis DiVito, Apex Home Inspections, LLC  6/22/18  2:17 pm
SB 627 - Bad for Homebuyers, Home Inspectors, & The Real Estate Industry! Kevin Lovejoy, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors  6/22/18  12:15 pm
President Crawl To Crown Home Inspectors  6/22/18  10:01 am
Bill SB 627- Vote NO Hardman Homes & Consulting  6/22/18  9:47 am
I oppose Bill 627 Marj Croye, Promark Professional Homes Inspections, LLC  6/22/18  8:58 am
Opposition to SB 627 Robert Jennings  6/22/18  8:26 am
VA SB 627 Andrew Ling, Top Home Inspections  6/22/18  6:27 am
SB 627 Robert Thompson, Hawkeye Inspection Service, Inc.  6/21/18  10:53 pm
I oppose SB 627 David Throckmorton Sr. JODAT INSPECTIONS  6/21/18  9:33 pm
Home Inspectors Liability Doug Ferguson  6/21/18  7:36 pm
Comments on SB 627 Patrick Hart Atlantic Coast Inspection Services  6/21/18  6:39 pm
SB 627 - Unforeseen consequences? Lina Nardecchia - Informed home owner  6/21/18  3:20 pm
SB 627 Matthew B. Drifmeyer  6/21/18  10:20 am
OPPOSED to SB 627  6/21/18  8:35 am
SB 627 For and Against Michael Raymond Donitzen  6/21/18  7:50 am
Bill 627 Tim Wright, Structure Examinations  6/20/18  6:51 am
OPPOSED to SB 627 Timothy Zenobia ACI  6/19/18  9:22 pm
I a pose the bill Pillar to Post Home Inspections  6/19/18  8:24 pm
Opposed to SB 627 Stephen Comer, C’ville Home Inspection  6/19/18  5:11 pm
Virginia Senate Bill 627 Pillar To Post  6/19/18  4:19 pm
SB 627 Robert Peek  6/17/18  10:57 pm
Regarding SB 627. Joe Sorbello Bricks and Sticks Home Inspections LLC.  6/16/18  8:55 pm
SB 627 - Response To John Cowherd Timothy Early - Early Home Inspections, LLC  6/16/18  1:45 pm
SB 627 - Home Inspector's Limited Liability Contract Wording Timothy Early, Early Home Inspections LLC  6/16/18  12:35 pm
SB627 - Oppose Jim Burak  6/16/18  11:45 am
Removing clause of limited liability - Oppose Mike Ward-Dahl, Pillar To Post Home Inspections  6/16/18  9:37 am
Opposition to SB627 Steve Midkiff, Premier Inspections LLC  6/15/18  7:18 pm
SB 627 Seth Hurlbert - Hurlbert Home Inspection, LLC  6/15/18  8:47 am
Magic Glasses And A Crystal Ball Tim Hockenberry Home Facts Inc.  6/14/18  10:29 pm
S.B. No. 627 will only hurt Home Purchasers Thomas Ball, Alcova Home Inspection, LLC  6/14/18  9:06 pm
SB 267 RE: Home Inspectors Gregory Hoffmaster Certified Master Inspector, GHI Greg's Home Inspections  6/14/18  8:11 pm
Opposed to SB 267 Tim Bills, Sentry Home Inspections, LLC  6/14/18  5:21 pm
Virinia Senate Bill 627 Wise Choice Inspections & More LLC  6/14/18  4:50 pm
SB 627 Benjamin Meredith, Building Knowledge, Inc  6/14/18  3:14 pm
I oppose SB 627 Vince Clingenpeel  6/14/18  1:30 pm
Possible pitfalls with regard to SB 627 Charles Aulino, All In One Home Inspections  6/14/18  1:09 pm
Virginia Senate Bill 627 Opinion from multi-state licensed home inspector/contractor Arthur Miller, Tokori, Inc.  6/14/18  12:49 pm
Virginia Senate Bill 627 Cathi Lynch. Pillar To Post Home Inspectors  6/14/18  12:45 pm
SB 627 will do serious damage to the real estate industry and will end up costing consumers far more Troy Hendrickson, Professional Home Services, LLC  6/14/18  11:21 am
The potential new ruling on liability of Home inspectors is ludacri. Will cost jobs Pillar to Post Home Inspections, Mark Scapro  6/14/18  11:01 am
Virginia Senate Bill 627 - Detrimental Effect Kevin F. Dougherty, Pillar to Post - Northern Virginia  6/14/18  9:08 am
Virginia Senate Bill 627 Paul E Tieche  6/13/18  9:00 pm
Virginia Senate Bill 627 has unintended consequences that do not serve the people Tim Wiley, Blue Horizon Home Inspections  6/13/18  5:54 pm
Commentary on proposed Senate Bill 627 Joseph Wingenbach, American Society of Home Inspectors (Northern Virignia)  6/13/18  3:32 pm
Certain Liability Waivers Should be Void as Against Public Policy John C. Cowherd, Cowherd PLC  6/12/18  10:18 am

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