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General Notice: Request for Comment on DRAFT ISP Guidance

CLOSED     Opened on 5/1/2018 and Ended on 5/31/2018


To:     Affected Stakeholders  

From: Ruth Anne Walker, Regulatory Coordinator

Cc:     Eric Williams, Director, Provider Development

           Division of Developmental Services

Date:  May 1, 2018

Re:     PUBLIC NOTICE: Request for Comment on DRAFT ISP Guidance to Comply with Requirements of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Settlement Agreement with Virginia and the DBHDS Office of Licensing and the Department of Medical Assistance DD Waiver Regulation Requirements


The 2018 Person-Centered ISP Guidance document is intended to address concerns that plans are not measurable as identified by the Independent Rev ...... read the full general notice

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Training Yvonne Russell, HAMHDS  5/31/18  8:37 pm
2018 Person Centered ISP Guidance Joanna Wise Barnes; ServiceSource, Inc.  5/31/18  10:10 am
Proposed Paperwork Change Sharon Looney, Sponsor Home Provider  5/4/18  1:10 pm
New Documentation Brooke Jenkins  5/3/18  1:46 pm
RE: Draft ISP guidance Eva-Elizabeth Chisholm, L'Arche Greater Washington DC  5/3/18  12:24 pm
Draft ISP Guidance Adam Page  5/3/18  10:26 am

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