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General Notice: Public Notice: DRAFT New Opioid Treatment Services Supplement and Updates to the Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services Provider Manual and the Peer Services Supplement for Stakeholder Input

CLOSED     Opened on 9/15/2017 and Ended on 10/15/2017

The draft Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS) Provider Manual, Peer Services Supplement, and the new Opioid Treatment Services Supplement are posted on the DMAS website for public comment through October 15, 2017.  Please see the overview and chart below for more details.

Overview of Changes:  The Opioid Treatment Services, including the Opioid Treatment Programs, the Preferred Office Based Opioid Treatment Programs, and the Preferred Medication Assisted Treatment have been pulled out of the ARTS Provider Manual and a new Opioid Treatment Services Supplement has been created.  In addition to the new Opioid Treatment Services Supplement, there have been additional clarifications to the Peer Services Supplement and the ARTS Provider Manual (Chapters II, IV, and VI).

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Requirement for a Licensed Credential Addition Treatment Professional to complete Initial ISP Cumberland Mountain CSB  10/5/17  2:15 pm
OTS supplemental Gloria Yocum, Sellati & Co., Inc  9/19/17  9:22 am
Supervising/ Peer Resource Coordinator Elizabeth Sluder, 84 Main Peer Support and Recovery Resource Center  9/18/17  3:24 pm
Typographical error page 9 - update Lori D'Alessandro, PRS in training  9/18/17  10:57 am
Typographical error page 9 Lori D'Alessandro, PRS in training  9/18/17  10:55 am
PRS Recommendation and Clinical Oversight Marny Bentley, Region Ten CSB  9/18/17  10:45 am

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