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Repeal regulations governing film circulation.
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8VAC20-300-10. Eligibility. (Repealed.)

General circulation of films, videotapes and audiotapes, slides, transparencies, and filmstrips from the state and regional audiovisual services is restricted to Virginia public schools and state-supported colleges for use in regularly scheduled classes under the direction of teachers with certain exceptions given below. However, these materials also may be used in the schools under the teachers' direction for club activities, etc., where the club or organization is sponsored by the school, for adult education where the program is a part of the school or division educational program and is directed or supervised by the school or the school division and for educational programs such as those conducted by parent-teacher associations, or parent study groups in connection with or sponsored by the school. These materials also may be used for educational programs conducted by state agencies.

Exceptions to the above are as follows:

1. Private colleges. Certain private degree colleges engaged in training teachers may obtain, through a special contract, films from state and regional audiovisual services.

2. Health agencies. Through special agreement with the state Department of Health, films are circulated to country health officials, hospitals conducting nurses training, and to camps conducting educational programs sponsored and approved by the Department of Health.

3. Noncommercial ETV stations. Noncommercial educational television stations may obtain education motion pictures from state and regional audiovisual services under the same conditions that apply to Virginia public schools and state-supported colleges. These stations shall be responsible for obtaining from the producer clearance for the use of any state-owned film for broadcasting purposes and shall be responsible for the payment of any charges assessed by the producer for the use of the film.


8VAC20-300-20. Ordering. (Repealed.)

Orders from schools or other state agencies should be placed through one authorized representative on forms provided by the Audiovisual Services of the Department of Education.