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Confectionery License
Stage: Emergency/NOIRA

3VAC5-50-250. Confectionery license; definition; restrictions; labeling.

A.   "Confectionery" shall mean a general class of sweet foods and edibles, including but not limited to baked goods and candies having an alcohol content not more than 5% by volume. 

B.   Any alcohol contained in such confectionery shall not be in liquid form at the time such confectionery is sold.  Such alcohol shall be fully integrated and/or blended into the confectionery product.

C.   Any such confectionery shall only be sold to those individuals who can lawfully consume alcohol.

D.   Any establishment licensed to sell confectioneries for off-premises consumption, shall properly label the product with such label including:

1.    Notice that the product contains alcohol;

2.    Notice that the product can only be consumed off-premises; and

3.    Warning that the product should not be consumed by anyone under the age of 21.