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Petition 269
Petition Information
Petition Title Petition to Repeal or Amend 3VAC5-70-180
Date Filed 2/15/2018    [Transmittal Sheet]
Petitioner Trevor Shand 
Petitioner's Request

I am a married 43-year-old father of two.

 I live in central Virginia, which has a great microbrew scene. A few months ago, I picked up an old fridge and converted it to a kegerator so I could enjoy local brews on tap.

But, I quickly realized, because of the keg laws in Virginia, buying kegs is a pain.

 When I go into the grocery store, I have to go to customer service, wait in line, fill out a tag, pay a deposit, have them bring up the keg, and tag it.

 I live in Charlottesville, a college town, and while I am waiting in line, I routinely watch a couple of college students check out with double digit number of 30 packs, with no more hassle than showing an ID.

I guess I understand the original idea around the keg tagging laws but it seems to be more bureaucracy and paperwork than actually accomplishing what it is supposed to. Can I simply purchase a keg as I do cases or six-packs?

 I may be a voice of one, but I for one would support repealing the keg laws, that is:

 3VAC5-70-180. Regulation of the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Kegs and Other Containers; Permit and Registration; Other Requirements.

 Below is a link to an article about Michigan repealing its similar law:


Agency's Plan

In accordance with Va. Code §2.2-4007.B, the petition has been filed with the Register of Regulations.  The petition will be published in the 34:15 Volume of The Register on March 19, 2018.   Public comment will be requested until April 9, 2018.  Comment on the petition may be sent by email, regular mail, or posted on the Virginia Regulatory Townhall at  Following receipt of all comments on the petition to amend the regulation, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board will decide whether to make any changes to the regulatory language.  This matter will be considered by the Board when they next convene following the end of the comment period (April 27, 2018).  The Board will issue a written decision on the petition within 90 days of the close of the comment period.

Comment Period Ended 4/9/2018
Agency Decision Take no action [Transmittal Sheet]    
Response Date 5/7/2018
Agency Decision Summary

The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority Board held a public comment period concerning the petition that requested an amendment or repeal of the existing regulation governing the sale of alcoholic beverages in kegs and other containers; permit and registration; and other requirements.  The petitioner requested an amendment or repeal of the regulation's requirements for completing the keg decleration and receipt form prior to purchase.

The Board took public comment at the meeting.  The petitioner was not present.  The Board declined to take action in regards to the petition citing the public safety concerns the regulation helps to mitigate outweigh the inconveniences the petitioner cited in his request.

Contact Information
Name / Title: LaTonya D. Hucks  / Legal Liaison
Address: 2901 Hermitage Rd.
Richmond, 23220
Email Address:
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