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13 Active Chapters and 19 Repealed
VAC Citation Chapter Title Last Activity
12 VAC 35‑12   Public Participation Guidelines 8/31/2009 
12 VAC 35‑46   Regulations for Children's Residential Facilities 5/3/2013
12 VAC 35‑105   Rules and Regulations for Licensing Facilities and Providers of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services 5/3/2013
12 VAC 35‑115   Regulations to Assure the Rights of Individuals Receiving Services from Providers Licensed, Funded, or Operated by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services 1/9/2017 
12 VAC 35‑180   Regulations to Assure the Protection of Participants in Human Research 5/3/2013
12 VAC 35‑190   Regulations Establishing Procedures for Voluntarily Admitting Persons Who Are Mentally Retarded to State Mental Retardation Facilities 7/20/2009 
12 VAC 35‑200   Regulations for Respite and Emergency Care Admission to Mental Retardation Facilities 8/17/2009 
12 VAC 35‑210   Regulations to Govern Temporary Leave from State Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities 12/7/2012
12 VAC 35‑220   Certification Requirements for Early Intervention Professionals and Early Intervention Specialists 1/11/2016 
12 VAC 35‑225   Requirements for Virginia's Early Intervention System 1/11/2016 
12 VAC 35‑230   Operation of the Individual and Family Support Program 12/2/2013 
12 VAC 35‑240   Victims of Sterilization Fund Program 3/20/2017 
12 VAC 35‑250   Peer Recovery Specialists