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Periodic Review status of 5 chapters for the Department of Labor and Industry.
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VAC Chapter Title Review via Standard Rulemaking Periodic Review Feature Four Year Completion Deadline Agency's Scheduled Due Date
16 VAC 15-11 Public Participation Guidelines 11/20/2012 1/19/2021
16 VAC 15-21 Maximum Garnishment Amounts 10/9/2018 11/1/2022
16 VAC 15-30 Virginia Rules and Regulations Declaring Hazardous Occupations 10/9/2018 11/1/2022
16 VAC 15-40 Virginia Hours of Work for Minors 9/21/2015 7/17/2019
16 VAC 15-50 Regulation Governing the Employment of Minors on Farms, in Gardens and in Orchards 9/21/2015 7/17/2019
Scheduling Notes