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Periodic Review status of 9 chapters for the Board the Blind and Vision Impaired.
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VAC Chapter Title Review via Standard Rulemaking Periodic Review Feature Four Year Completion Deadline Agency's Scheduled Due Date
22 VAC 45-12 Public Participation Guidelines 9/24/2017
22 VAC 45-20 Regulations to Govern the Operation of Vending Facilities in Public Buildings and Other Property
22 VAC 45-30 Regulations Governing the Sale and Distribution of Good Sand Articles Made By Blind Persons
22 VAC 45-40 Rules and Regulations Governing Vending Facilities in Public Buildings
22 VAC 45-50 Regulation Governing Provisions of Services in Vocational Rehabilitation
22 VAC 45-70 Provision of Services in Rehabilitation Teaching
22 VAC 45-80 Provision of Independent Living Rehabilitation Services
22 VAC 45-100 Regulations Governing Deaf-Blind Services
22 VAC 45-110 Regulations Governing Low Vision
Scheduling Notes